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This is a whimsical caravan tiny house on wheels by Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction.

It was built for one of their clients using custom, home-made SIP’s (Structural Insulated Panels).

The curvy windows were recycled from an old church. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Whimsical Tiny House on Wheels by Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction

Whimsical Caravan Tiny House by Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction 001a

Images © Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction

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This is the story of Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan. He built an inexpensive tiny home on a used boat trailer using mostly reclaimed materials.

Colby was able to build a low-cost tiny home with no debt, no building plans, mainly just by using creative ideas of his own that he picked up from years in the boating industry. Best of all, he didn’t have to break the bank to get it done. According to Colby’s Facebook, he spent $6,986.17 to build it but plans to spend a little more on improvements over time.

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Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan Tiny Home on Wheels Built for less than $6,986.17

He Built a DIY Tiny House with Elevator Bed for Less Than $10k

Images © Leanne Stephens of Tiny Houses and Beyond

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This is a handmade gypsy caravan tiny house by Barry Howard.

It’s a rolling work of art built by Barry Howard out of Big Sur, California. What do you think? Pretty neat, right?

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$20k Handmade Gypsy Caravan Tiny House on Wheels  out of Big Sur, California

Handmade Gypsy Caravan Tiny House For Sale 001

Images © Barry Howard

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This is a 12′ expanding car-towable gypsy wagon called the “Fat Gypsy” designed and built by Edmund Peter Sylvester.

It’s an update to his original gypsy wagon design as originally seen here. Below are possible interior finishes with design elements of a traditional gypsy wagon/vardo/caravan.

12′ Expanding Car-Towable Gypsy Wagon

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This is a Garden Caravan THOW rental in Sandpoint, Idaho.

The home has a vardo/gyspy feel with a traditional one-story layout and curved roof. There’s a quaint front porch for looking out at the lake, and inside you can sleep in the cozy bedroom nook and make meals in the well-stocked kitchen. The snug wet-bath in the corner houses the shower and toilet.

Rent it on Home Away!

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Garden Caravan THOW Rental in Sandpoint, Idaho

Images via Home Away

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This is a Park Ranger’s 50 sq. ft. Tiny Vardo.

Trekker Trailers managed to pack almost everything you could need into this micro space: a bed, guest bed, desk, shower, toilet, TV, and kitchen! It even has room for tools and a spare tire, and it’s easy to tow weighing only 1,700 lbs. Be sure to watch the full video tour from Deek of RelaxShacks below. Enjoy!

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Park Ranger’s 50 sq. ft. Tiny Vardo

Park Ranger’s 50 sq. ft. Tiny Vardo

Screenshots via YouTube/relaxshacksDOTcom

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This is an incredible Gypsy Wagon Caravan that’s for sale.

It’s newly hand-built and on the market for $16,000.

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Incredible Gypsy Wagon Caravan For $16K


Images via Dixie “Sequoia”

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This is Angela’s whimsical and unique tram-caravan-shack-tiki-bar Airbnb spot in Australia featured on Apartment Therapy.

The hotel consists of four different tiny structures. You guessed it: A tram, a caravan, a shack and a tiki bar.

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Tram-Caravan-Shack-Tiki-Bar Tiny Vacation Spot in AU


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This is an amazing tiny home created with 215,158 Lego Bricks.

Outside, you’ll notice a surprisingly realistic-looking tear-drop camper which holds the Guinness Book of World Record’s title for the World’s Largest Caravan built with interlocking plastic bricks. This Lego version was fashioned based off of a real-life caravan, so it’s the same shape and size of the model and even has the same functions of a real caravan!

Inside, you’ll find a cozy brick layout complete with a Lego carton of milk, Lego coffee pot, and even a Lego skillet cooking sunny-side-up Lego eggs. The tiny sink next to the stove-top works when hooked up to a water supply. Silverware and toothbrushes – also made from Legos – sit nicely inside Lego mugs on the countertop next to the sink. A bouquet of Lego flowers and a Lego chess set make the tiny space feel like home. And just like in a typical camper, the dinette transforms into a bed – albeit probably not an overly comfortable one.

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Group Builds Caravan Using 215,158 Lego Bricks

Group Builds Caravan Using 215,158 Lego Bricks

Images © Guinness World Records via YouTube

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