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Digby and the Lullaby are a musical duo with three adorable children who all now live in a vintage caravan, traveling around South Africa. The caravan sat unused for 40+ years and was in great condition, meaning most of the interior is original (or replaced with materials from the 70s).

The caravan has a kitchen, a double bed for mom and dad, and a bunk room in the back for the kids. Since they camp in resorts, they’re always close to bathroom facilities. There’s a surprising amount of storage inside, which makes it possible to live in it full-time. Could you live in a caravan with kids?

  • A musical family of 5 embraces nomadic life in a vintage South African caravan.
  • Original 70s interior, kitchen, double bed, and bunk room for kids.
  • Outdoor space extended with canopy.

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South African Musical Duo & Their Family RV

Vintage Caravan Life for Family of 5 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a tiny house with history! Built sometime in the 1920s or 30s, this caravan/vardo has been in Doug’s family for generations. It’s very simple with a green canvas exterior, wooden frame, and old iron trailer, and in the right hands, it could be brought back to its former glory.

Doug is looking for someone who appreciates the history to purchase it, as illness keeps him from being able to care for it. It sure looks like an awesome piece of the past!

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Piece of History: Vintage Vardo from 1920s

Vintage 1920s Bowtop Caravan from English Travellers of Texas 4

Images via Doug

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This 1800s vardo was once used in movies — perhaps even on the set of “The Wizard of Oz” — and is now a cozy Airbnb decked out with vintage boho decor.

The inside has a comfortable bed and sitting area, and there’s an adjacent bathhouse complete with a gorgeously-tiled shower. A stone patio has a fun umbrella and sitting chairs, as well as a hot tub for your enjoyment. Thanks, James D., for sending us this story!

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1800s Caravan, Now a Boho-Styled Micro Cottage

Vintage Movie Vardo w Boho Decor. 8

Images via Adrian/Airbnb

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Amir emailed us this week to show off the awesome caravan wagon he and his 15-year-old son built together. It’s a space for them to hang out and work.

The story is that I wanted to build a small wagon for me and my son to have a place for recreation in our village.
So we built it on a small cart we found. Bigger than the cart. It has a small balcony with a kitchen.
And a shower outside under a tree.
I use it for writing and meeting people for coaching; and my son ( 15 y.o.) for hanging out with his friends.
I am an architect in my profession, and a coach. My son is in arts highschool here in Israel.

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Handcrafted Work & Play Wagon

Dad & Son Build Caravan Wagon in Israel 2

Images via Amir

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Now here’s a micro home for you! This handcrafted whimsy wagon has so much character in such a small space.

The exterior looks like something from another time, and there are lovely carved and painted details all over. Seating for two on the covered porch, and inside there’s a couch/bed taking up the back of the wagon. Some built-ins provide storage and a spot for a hot plate. And a stove keeps the place warm.

Three windows on one side open up to let in light and fresh air. It’s for sale for $43,000 in Rhode Island, and you can contact the seller here.

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Stunning Handcrafted Caravan in Rhode Island: $43K

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Today we’re introducing you to Rolling Homes in Australia! They’re an amazing family-run tiny house company which specializes in gypsy/vardo-style builds (although they’ve also built a tiny house!).

Their first model, the Gracie, is a traditional roll-top gypsy caravan with a canvas roof and magical queen-sized bedroom nook. It has custom hand-painted artwork on the front and was sold for use as an Airbnb (you can book it here). That said, a caravan like this could make a great guest cottage, office space, or even a full-time home if you’re ok with finding bathroom facilities on the road like many van-lifers.

The home has a stunning vintage feel to it and stands out from the crowd. This model starts at $58,000 AUD )(~$41,000 USD). You can learn more about Rolling Homes here.

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This Family is Building Gypsy Wagons!

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This is the Chum Creek wine country tiny house getaway. It’s a tiny house vacation near Healesville, Victoria, Australia featuring a covered front porch, mounted rooftop solar panels, and incredible views. If you like, you can book a stay over at Glamping Hub.

This picturesque 12-square-meter tiny house is located in the Yarra River Valley near Healesville, Victoria. It accommodates two people with a queen-size bed. Sunlight pours through the windows, allowing guests to stay in bed just a little bit longer while soaking up the sunshine.1

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Yarra River Valley Wine Country Tiny House Getaway in Australia

Chum Creek wine country tiny house getaway via glampinghub

Images via GlampingHub.com

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This is the Gypsy Moon Caravan. It’s actually listed for sale for $10,500 out of Twain, California, according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders. It was built in 2018 and offers approximately 70-square-feet of space inside.

It’s small enough so that it’s easy to tow and you wouldn’t need a big truck to tow it either. It’s a 10-foot tiny cabin with a tiny covered porch and a little storage box over the hitch of the trailer. Inside, there’s a kitchenette, bench seating with storage, single bed pulls out to double, twenty-gallon fresh water tank, a solar system with battery, and more… It seems ready to go off-grid.

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Gypsy Moon Caravan Off-Grid-Ready Tiny House with Solar – $10,500 – Twain, California

$11k Gypsy Moon Caravan

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This is Lou’s handcrafted vardo tiny house travel trailer that’s for sale out of Why, Arizona. UPDATE: Price lowered to $15,000!

Lou Brochetti is selling his somewhat famous hand-crafted vardo-style travel trailer. Lou used to be a builder of custom wood boats. All that skill and care went into the construction of his trailer home.

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Hand-Built Vardo Tiny House Travel Trailer For Sale in Why, Arizona

Lou Brochetti Vardo Style Tiny House Travel Trailer For Sale

Images via Lou Brochetti

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