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The Samaniego family lives full-time in their converted skoolie, which they built using primarily recycled materials! The couple have a 6-year-old son, who they homeschool while traveling. Oh, and their fantastic vintage stove has a name. How sweet!

We interviewed the family about their nomadic lifestyle and what they loved about living tiny. Check it all out below!

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They Built a Home on Wheels in Six Months

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I really love how this professional van conversion by Recycle Inn does away with the “traditional” layouts for van builds and really mixes things up! The main portion of the van has a modular couch that becomes the bed and hugs a table for food/work needs.

But the real showstopper is the kitchen in the garage area! Instead of cooking cramped inside 70-or-so square feet, you can really spread out with the doors open. I have to imagine it helps somewhat with van smells, as well. What do you think of this design?

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Modular Couch System w/ Tons of Layout Choices

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Yesterday, we showed you the very first van conversion by Recycle Inn, and today we want to show off their most recent creation! You can see how much their carpentry skills have improved since their first conversion, but how the warmth of their style still comes through.

This Mercedes Sprinter L2H3 was converted for a couple planning on traveling around Europe. It has a modular shower design that sets up in the center of the van, a hidden toilet, and a beautiful mosaic backsplash around the sink. What do you think?

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Mercedes Sprinter L2H3 Has a Modular Shower

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This awesome couple set out to build their first van primarily out of recycled materials — and they succeeded! “Woody” taught them a lot about what a van needed to be a practical and functional full-time living space. After living in him for about 6 months, they bounced around other tiny spaces and ultimately decided to build recycled vans as a job!

To date, the couple has transformed 15 vans, and we’re going to show you a few of those builds in the next few posts. First, enjoy this photo tour of Woody!

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Now They’ve Built 15 Recycled Vans!

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Romee & Ruud were indie folk musicians traveling the Netherlands in their amazing green VW bus, but had the desire to put down some roots. So they built a wooden yurt from all kinds of recycled, reclaimed and thrifted materials.

The inside of the yurt is typical studio-style with a loft bedroom and oodles of plants. One of the unique features of this home is that it’s designed to be taken apart and moved if they ever need to relocate — not unlike the Mongolian yurts that started this round home trend centuries ago. What do you think?

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It’s Designed to Be Transportable If Needed!

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So this is totally on my project list! A greenhouse built from recycled windows is a perfect shabby-chic addition to your backyard AND you can use it to start seeds or grow some year-round produce. This one was built by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes near Atlanta, Georgia.

Right now the company is only building these, on foundation, within an hour radius of their headquarters. So if you happen to live locally, I’d definitely contact them! This could even be used as a warm-weather Airbnb if you had a private spot to tuck it into.

Enjoy the pictures below and contact the builder here.

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Giving Old Windows New Life in this Tiny Greenhouse

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Phil is a woodworker who specializes in crafting musical instruments and always had the idea of wanting to live in a tiny, recycled space. While Radha wasn’t originally keen on the idea, she now loves their handcrafted tiny house.

The couple used almost all recycled or reclaimed materials in their build, which didn’t save them time or effort, but did save money (and the planet!). When you walk into their home you immediately feel the warmth of a truly one-of-a-kind build.

You’ll love Bryce Langston’s in-depth tour and interview with the couple, which you can watch below. Worth every minute!

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Instrument-Maker Builds His Own Recycled Tiny House

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Rhett traveled the US on his motorcycle for a couple of years before meeting Ashley. He lived with just three backpacks of stuff he could fit on his ride! With Ashley came two adorable dogs, so they upgraded to this amazing box truck which they transformed into a home on a budget.

Ashley calls Rhett a “tinkerer,” saying he loves to see what he can do with the fewest materials possible. You see that clearly in their minimalist build, which includes a stand-up desk on a pulley system and a bed that folds down with some Rhett engineering. The whole home uses recycled materials to make a perfect space for the couple and their dogs.

Be sure to check out the video tour with Tiny Home Tours below, and follow them on Instagram here.

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Their 1997 Ford e450 Super Duty Box Truck Turned Tiny Home

Budget Stealth Box Truck Living: Recycled Materials

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Tena lives and works out of her BleakHausTruk, an art & recording studio constructed with hand tools & 99% recycled/repurposed materials found mostly for free on the street or in the trash in San Francisco!

She has about 100 square feet in her 14-foot-long 1997 Isuzu FRR 14 foot that she’s put more than 8,000 miles on traveling around America. The space is completely off-grid, with solar electricity, gravity fed sink & stainless steel bath tub, propane stove top & wood burning stove and compost toilet.

“. I never knew I could feel such peace in a roommateless creative space to call my own. Sadie, my sweet pit mix, was also found on the streets & was similarly suffering from PTSD, so we have been healing happily together,” Tena wrote us.

She spent $13,000 on the truck purchase,  conversion and engine maintenance since 2015. How amazing! Check out the photo tour of her bus below.

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Tena’s Housetruck and Recording Studio

BleakHausTruk 4

Images via Tena Lethe

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