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This is a whimsical little church cottage in Campiglia, Cinqueterre, Italy. The 301 sq. ft. structure was originally built in 1808 as a village chapel and was renovated two hundred years later in 2008.

It’s located in a small village setting in northwest Italy with a terrace deck in the back about 10 meters away from the home itself. Since the cottage is 400 meters above sea level, you can enjoy majestic sea views from here. And yes, it is available to book on Airbnb.

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Whimsical Little Church Cottage Vacation in Italy

Whimsical Little Church Cottage Vacation in Italy 001

Images © Davide Carrari

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No, this isn’t a tiny house, but it claims to be the World’s Smallest Active Worship Catholic Church!

And boy, is it tiny 🙂 It sits quaintly in a field and graveyard in Round Top, Texas, and has become a novel stopping ground for people driving through. It doesn’t appear to be insulated, but features a decorative altar, sage-green walls and simple bench seating. Back to basics, for sure.

Enjoy the pictures and see more on Facebook, as well as read about the main altar painting and the church’s history here.

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World’s Smallest Active Worship Catholic Church

Images via Facebook

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This is Mikayla’s Wildwood Church-Style Tiny House she built with her family.

They built this house from the ground up taking inspiration from the song “Church in the Wildwood.” The interior is still under construction.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below!

Mikayla’s Wildwood Church-Style Tiny House

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This is a one of a kind Little Church of Miracles tiny house on wheels that was built in the Spring of 2010.

It weighs about 5,600 lbs and is built on a flat bed trailer so it’s completely mobile. It’s 16′ long by 8’6″ wide.

The exterior wood siding and roof are made of cedar. The interior is built using redwoods and the panels and trim are pine.

It’s fully insulated and the tiny chapel inside seats six people, has standing room for an additional six, and even has room for a pastor, bride and groom. So it’s great for weddings, baptisms, or sermons.

Little Church of Miracles Tiny House on Wheels


Images © IdahoFilmMaker/YouTube

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Wow! What a stunning spot! This renovated barn in Italy sits in a nature preserve in Brescia, Italy. The two-level barn has been turned into two studio-style apartments, each around 300 square feet.

Both include their own micro kitchen and spa-like bathroom, and sleeping for three between the fixed beds and futons. You simply cannot beat the views! What do you think?

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Two Story Barn Converted Into Two Tiny Homes with Beautiful Views

Old Italian Barn Turned into Stunning Vacation Home 19

Images via Mara/Airbnb

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Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen a trullo house and I had to share it! These have been around since the 14th century, so there’s a good chance you are already familiar with trulli (the pural), but their design and construction is so fascinating and relatively tiny.

Popular in the Italian countryside, these buildings have no mortar! They are simply made by brilliantly stacking limestone and topping it with a special capstone. There are a number of myths surrounding why Italians chose this design, but ultimately it looks like it a was a decent way to use the local materials to create a strong structure.

While they keep wonderfully cool in hot weather, they are notoriously challenging to heat, and don’t have many windows. Still, there are many you can vacation in if you ever make it to Italy. Check this one out here.

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Beautiful Stone Cottage in Italy

Trullo Home in Itally with amazing stone cone! 19

Images via Nadia/Airbnb

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Shane and Emily have two little kids and travel the country with their band, doing what they love, while never needing to sacrifice family time to make it happen. They lived in an RV for four years before jumping on the bus bandwagon.

They chose a skoolie because it was a safer choice for their family, and built the whole thing from the bottom up! Now they’re on the road to becoming debt-free, all while enjoying the little moments between gigs.

We got to do a Q&A with Shane about their bus and their life, and you’ll definitely want to read it below! Follow the family on Instagram here to keep up with their journey.

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Family of Four Living on the Arbour Seasons Express

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We’ve been seeing more and more couples and families choose RV conversions for great temporary housing to allow them to travel and save money for a future home. This “temporary tiny” is a great way to learn to live with less and to help people reach their financial goals. Caroline and husband, Daniel, did an amazing job on their 5th wheel conversion!

They were able to buy their RV from the original owners, and then spend about 5 weeks of full-time renovations. While they were previously working seasonally and travelling, they’re now looking for more permanent work and Caroline is growing her photography business.

We got to do a Q&A with the awesome couple, which you can read at the end of the post after a photo tour of their conversion. Follow them on Instagram here.

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They Gave This 5th Wheel an Awesome Facelift

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This is a list of New Zealand-based Tiny House Builders. From tiny homes on wheels to other small structures, you’ll find a list of builders right here on this page.

So if you’re a New Zealander, and are interested in going tiny without necessarily building the tiny house yourself, well, you’re in luck because here is a list of builders that can do it for you!

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New Zealand Tiny Home Builders

THT NZ Tiny Home Builders

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