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This is a whimsical little church cottage in Campiglia, Cinqueterre, Italy. The 301 sq. ft. structure was originally built in 1808 as a village chapel and was renovated two hundred years later in 2008.

It’s located in a small village setting in northwest Italy with a terrace deck in the back about 10 meters away from the home itself. Since the cottage is 400 meters above sea level, you can enjoy majestic sea views from here. And yes, it is available to book on Airbnb.

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Whimsical Little Church Cottage Vacation in Italy

Whimsical Little Church Cottage Vacation in Italy 001

Images © Davide Carrari

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No, this isn’t a tiny house, but it claims to be the World’s Smallest Active Worship Catholic Church!

And boy, is it tiny 🙂 It sits quaintly in a field and graveyard in Round Top, Texas, and has become a novel stopping ground for people driving through. It doesn’t appear to be insulated, but features a decorative altar, sage-green walls and simple bench seating. Back to basics, for sure.

Enjoy the pictures and see more on Facebook, as well as read about the main altar painting and the church’s history here.

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World’s Smallest Active Worship Catholic Church

Images via Facebook

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This is Mikayla’s Wildwood Church-Style Tiny House she built with her family.

They built this house from the ground up taking inspiration from the song “Church in the Wildwood.” The interior is still under construction.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below!

Mikayla’s Wildwood Church-Style Tiny House

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This is a one of a kind Little Church of Miracles tiny house on wheels that was built in the Spring of 2010.

It weighs about 5,600 lbs and is built on a flat bed trailer so it’s completely mobile. It’s 16′ long by 8’6″ wide.

The exterior wood siding and roof are made of cedar. The interior is built using redwoods and the panels and trim are pine.

It’s fully insulated and the tiny chapel inside seats six people, has standing room for an additional six, and even has room for a pastor, bride and groom. So it’s great for weddings, baptisms, or sermons.

Little Church of Miracles Tiny House on Wheels


Images © IdahoFilmMaker/YouTube

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In Toledo, Ohio, a small village is making a big impact on its community. Bluff Street Village, a project initiated by the Monroe Street Neighborhood Center, has recently welcomed six new tiny homes into its fold. These compact dwellings, spanning only 400 square feet each, may be small in size, but they bring about significant positive changes for the neighborhood. Let’s delve into the story behind Bluff Street Village and its mission to create a transformative living experience.

For years, the organizers of Bluff Street Village pondered over the possibilities for their neighborhood. They sought ways to revitalize the area and foster a sense of pride among residents. In 2020, they embarked on a groundbreaking journey, and the result was the construction of six charming tiny homes just off Bluff Street in Rosedale. Spearheaded by Pastor Larry Clark, the project aims to provide affordable housing and turn individuals into first-time homeowners in approximately seven years, all for around $400 per month.

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Path to Homeownership: How Bluff Street Village Transforms Lives


Image via WTOL11/YouTube

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Aiden and Sarah were first introduced to vanlife when on a trip to New Zealand. They ended up finding a small and simple rig and traveled in it for some time before returning home. That’s when the idea to offer stunning camper vans for vacation rental in Ireland came to them. Life happened, but eventually, they came across a high roof long wheel base Volkswagen Crafter which they turned into “Vanda.”

Vanda is a beautiful rig complete with a bathroom, galley kitchen with two burners, and a convertible bed, so you can enjoy a meal inside and snuggle into the large bed at night with plenty of room to stretch out. Don’t miss our Q&A with the Dream Big Camper team below the picture tour.

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Dream Big Campers Providing Ireland Van Rentals

Vanda Bespoke Van Rental For Touring Ireland 1

Images via @dreambigcampers

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In the past, we’ve seen little churches turned into tiny homes, but this tiny chapel was built specifically as a mobile wedding venue! It was designed for Hitched Traveling Wedding Chapel by Movable Roots as a commercial build.

It’s a minimalist chapel design, with beautiful arched windows, white shiplap, and honey-colored hardwood floors. It would make the perfect venue for an elopement or small, intimate ceremony. What do you think?

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This Mobile Wedding Venue is a Mini Church

Hitched Traveling Wedding Chapel 99

Images © Movable Roots

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While you might be able to fathom having a family with toddlers in a skoolie, you might think it can’t be done with teens and tweens — but this family of 5 has proved otherwise! They have a 14, 11, and 10-year-old and have been on the road now for three years after downsizing from a 270

Their IncrediBus has a super unique layout, with one bunkbed over the cab (there’s a two-foot roof raise), two couches that fold into a king bed, and then a back teen room that’s been wonderfully decorated with pictures and posters. There’s an awesome Q&A with the family that you can read after the photo tour of their rig!

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Nomadic Life For Family w/ “Big Kids”

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Wow! What a stunning spot! This renovated barn in Italy sits in a nature preserve in Brescia, Italy. The two-level barn has been turned into two studio-style apartments, each around 300 square feet.

Both include their own micro kitchen and spa-like bathroom, and sleeping for three between the fixed beds and futons. You simply cannot beat the views! What do you think?

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Two Story Barn Converted Into Two Tiny Homes with Beautiful Views

Old Italian Barn Turned into Stunning Vacation Home 19

Images via Mara/Airbnb

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