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This is a whimsical tree cottage at Bliss Ridge Farm in Moretown, Vermont.

Dr. Seuss-inspired, luxury treehouse perched at the top of an 88-acre, organic hill farm, further surrounded by 1000s of acres of wilderness. Designed by B’fer Roth, DIY network TV show host of The Treehouse Guys, this is an authentic treehouse built within and around living trees.

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Dr. Seuss-inspired Treehouse in Vermont

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This is the Storybook Tree Cabin in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

It’s a whimsical cabin, built on stilts, located near North Carolina breweries.

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Rustic Treehouse Getaway w/ Rooftop Balcony

Storybook Tree House 13

Images via Airbnb/Andrew

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Chris Rodiger is a senior at Colby College in Maine and an accomplished artist. As if his gorgeous “En Plein Air” paintings weren’t enough, he built himself a truck bed tiny house with minimal woodworking experience — and the result is stunning!

He calls it the “Beehive” and he spent the summer of 2021 living and working out of the truck, selling his paintings. His college was awesome and actually funded his tiny home creation as part of a class project — does it get better than that?

Now he’s back on campus (gets a little too chilly in Maine for his un-insulated tiny!), but he can always head out in his home and paint wherever calls him! We got to do a Q&A with him, which you can read after the video about Chris below.

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This Truck Bed Tiny Can Be Disassembled by Two People!

Painter Builds Truck Bed Beehive Mobile Studio & Home 23

Images via Chris Rodiger

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While off-grid vacations are fun, it’s nice to stay in a treehouse with all the amenities, including a tiled indoor shower and — yes — a flush toilet!

This craftsman-built treehouse has funky a-symmetrical wall and a wonky window to add a bit of character. But there’s a leather couch, comfortable queen bed in the loft, and even a pulley for lifting your luggage. The live-edge counter tops and woodland accents make this stay both cozy and luxurious. Learn more below!

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Quaint & Quirky Treehouse on 5 Acres in GA

Bed+Bough Whimsical Treehouse 26

Images via Airbnb/Debra

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Larry contacted us to show us his gorgeous creation, the Casa Maria. He built this vacation home about four years ago in Costa Rica for less than $60,000.

Including the loft space, the home comes to 764 square feet. It’s built out of cypress wood and has asphalt roofing. Underneath the neatly curved roofline of the house are a carport and laundry room. The main living space is wide-open with couches, a fireplace, kitchenette, and pool table. There’s a bedroom and a bathroom, as well. Enjoy the photo tour of Larry’s wonderful small home!

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Beautiful Costa Rica Cottage on Stilts


Images via Larry Windes

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This is a whimsical style rustic tiny house with 96-sq.-ft. for sale for $10,000 but if you are in the United States or Canada, this little cabin is very far. It’s located in Latvia, Northern Europe. If you live there and want to buy an affordable tiny house or alternative structure, you may be in luck, but most of us will just get to look at it.

Wherever you may be, it still serves as a an example of what can be designed and built within the realm of tiny homes. So take a look, dream a little. Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and let us know what you think of the little cabin. What would you use it for if it were yours?

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Whimsical-Style Rustic Tiny Cabin in Latvia (Northern Europe) Available for $10,000

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When his customers needed a little outhouse, he was there to build it for them.

This is a unique, quirky, whimsical, and little outhouse built by @k.knack (Instagram) somewhere on Salt Spring Island (BC, Canada). This is the same builder who built this awesome micro cabin with bump-out wings seen here. Looks to me like a very nice place to go potty. I would certainly enjoy it! Is that wrong to say? What do you think? How do you like it?

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Quick Outhouse Build on Salt Spring Island

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This is the story of Scott’s 400-sq.-ft. whimsical treehouse named Sir Cedric that he built he built in his backyard as his passion project. And best of all, he built it with mostly reclaimed materials.

The even better part? You can actually stay here and experience the place yourself! Does it get better? Yes, because Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey already did that and she’s here to share the experience with you! Enjoy…

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Meet Sir Cedric, The Magical Tree House in Ferndale, Washington

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This is a preview of a whimsical and funky tiny house being built by Incredible Tiny Homes out of Newport, Tennessee. It’s a one-of-a-kind (custom) tiny home on wheels for one of their customers and we just can’t wait to see how it continues to come along.

Pretty fun, right? Obviously, something like this costs more for a builder to do because it takes more time to make it look like this and yet also be a well-built home. It makes sense, I think. Anyway, they’re not finished yet, but I thought I’d let you have a sneak peek at it. In the video below, Randy Jones shows you some of the many other tiny homes they’re building for other clients. Incredible Tiny Homes offers THOWs starting at $20,000.

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Funky And Whimsical Tiny House by Incredible Tiny Homes

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