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This is a 70 sq. ft. vardo caravan wagon.

The Trillium Caravan is a sleeper camper in the traditional style of the 19th Century English vardo, built by master woodworker Jim Tolpin.

Jim says, “It is impeccably detailed in hand-hewn wood and steel fabricated to the highest highway-worthy standards. One needn’t sacrifice the beauty of traditional materials and antique fixtures for modern convenience.”

The interior offers ample seating–and comfortably sleeps two adults in a queen-size bed. There are beautiful stained glass windows in the front and back of the wagon to allow sunlight to come in.

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70 Sq. Ft. Trillium Vardo Caravan Wagon

Trillium Vardo Caravan Wagon-001

Images © Jim Tolpin

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Planning a summer trip to Europe? Check out this funky gypsy wagon that’s located on a beautiful property in southern France. This cabin is just right for two people staying on a holiday here.

With a small front porch you can enjoy the view of the surrounding property.

Inside the wagon you can see how cozy the bedroom is plus there are a few sitting chairs for reading.

The bathroom is located at the back of the cabin. Outside is a nice gazebo for outdoor cooking.

What do you think of this gypsy wagon? Would you stay in this bed and breakfast?

Gypsy Wagon Bed and Breakfast in France

Gypsy Wagon Bed and Breakfast in France

Images © Airbnb

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This Friday April 17, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 9:00PM PDT there’s an opportunity for you to join in this FREE tiny house mixer event.

You can tour six tiny houses at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel in Portland. Plus you’ll get to hang out with a bunch of other amazing people.

This includes Dee Williams, of Portland Alternative Dwellings, who will be signing copies of her book, The Big Tiny. If you’re in town, you won’t want to miss it! And if possible, register now, because space may be limited.

Free Tiny House Mixer Event in Portland, Oregon


Image © TinyHouseHotel

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This 80 sq. ft. Roly Poly tiny house on wheels is one of six tiny homes at Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

It has an upstairs sleeping loft that adds some more square footage and surprisingly enough it can sleep up to 3 people since there’s one queen bed and one twin bed.

The tiny home’s dimensions are 12′ (length) x 6.66′ (width) x 12.5′ (height).

Staying in a tiny house (like this one) before you make any major life decisions or changes is always a good way to try out tiny living before making a major commitment.

If you’re interested in booking your own stay at this tiny house click here to check dates and read reviews from previous guests. Please enjoy the tour below and re-share if you’d like to. Thanks!

Roly Poly 80 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

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Guest Post by Barry Howard Studio

Three things have always been part of my life: art, travel and designing and building small living spaces that move.

I have converted school busses into two-story homes that featured wood cookstoves, lofts and stained glass windows.

I built a home in vans, VW busses, mini-vans, a VW bug, and a 24′ trimaran, and I have built several micro houses on flat bed utility trailers and a couple of them on the ground.

My current project is one I have had in my head for several years… It’s a gypsy caravan that can be pulled by a bicycle.


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I thought these Gypsy Caravans created by Kees Hoekstra of Roulottes were pretty neat and would like to share them with you today. Kees has been building gypsy caravans since 1992 and was a graphic designer/illustrator in Amsterdam.

With his knowledge in graphic design, Kees borrowed some tools from a friend and set off to France for 20 weeks restoring his caravan. After he was finished people starting asking if it was for sale/rent and that inspired him to create his own business. Since there weren’t many original caravans left, he decided he needed to build them from scratch. He then moved to Czech Republic where he set up a workshop and hired carpenters.

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Graphic Designer Borrows Tools And Restores This Gypsy Caravan Tiny House To Perfection!😍

Rollotte gypsy caravan

Today he sells his creations which are used for campsites, hotels, backyard workshops and more…

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Once or twice per week I will be sharing what’s going on in the world of tiny houses, simplicity, and green energy. Below I’ve provided links to content from fellow bloggers around the web, I think you’ll enjoy. If you’d like to contribute anything for the site send pictures, links, and info to the address below:


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