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He Built a DIY Tiny House on a Boat Trailer WITHOUT Spending Tons of Money

This is the story of Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan. He built an inexpensive tiny home on a used boat trailer using mostly reclaimed materials.

Colby was able to build a low-cost tiny home with no debt, no building plans, mainly just by using creative ideas of his own that he picked up from years in the boating industry.

Best of all, he didn’t have to break the bank to get it done. According to Colby’s Facebook, he spent $6,986.17 to build it but plans to spend a little more on improvements over time. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan Tiny Home on Wheels Built for less than $6,986.17

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 001

Images © Leanne Stephens of Tiny Houses and Beyond

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 002

Image © The Cruising Caravan

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 003

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 004

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 005

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 006

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 007

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 008

Images © Leanne Stephens of Tiny Houses and Beyond

Video Tour with Colby and Leanne (Tiny Houses & Beyond)

Another Video Tour with Colby (Tiny r(E)volution)

Story Highlights

  • After years living on the water, Colby decided it was time to build a tiny house on solid ground
  • He didn’t use any building plans to build it
  • He borrowed lots of ideas from the boating industry and incorporated into his tiny house
  • He built a bed that lifts into the ceiling when not in use to save space and not have to sleep in a loft
  • Colby doesn’t cook very often but he still built a little kitchenette just in case
  • He also has a bathroom with an RV flush toilet and a shower
  • His tiny house also has an air conditioner, stand up desk, entertainment center, , outdoor shower, and a doggy door
  • According to Tiny r(E)volution, he used 90% salvaged materials from land and sea to build his tiny house on wheels

Learn more: https://tinyhousesandbeyond.com/2018/05/18/captain-colbys-cruising-caravan/

You can also follow along with Colby over at his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CaptainColbysCruisingCaravan/posts/


  1. Tiny Houses and Beyond
  2. Colby’s Facebook Page
  3. Colby’s Construction Photo Album
  4. YouTube Video
  5. Tiny r(E)volution Video Tour

Our big thanks to Leanne Stephens of Tiny Houses and Beyond and Captain Colby for sharing!🙏

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  • Brian Ansorge October 16, 2018, 2:26 am

    Congratulations! Really. I almost cancelled my subscription to [EXPENSIVE AS HELL] Tiny Houses. Why? Because the only ones that seem to be featured every issue of the newsletter (at least the URLs I clicked on) were ridiculously expensive. Tiny houses do NOT have to be insanely expensive. This one is perfectly functional and, in my mind, more reflective of what this world needs: SMALLER … AND LESS expensive. Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe there is hope for the novel concept of … [wait for it] making DOWN-sizing actually practical AND affordable.

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