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216 Sq. Ft. Tiny House with Elevator King Bed

This is a 216 sq. ft. tiny house with an elevator king bed that stores into the ceiling when you’re not using it.

It was built in 2017 and is currently located near Austin, Texas. The tiny house was built using structural insulated panels (SIPs) and is currently for sale for $49,999 according to Tiny Home Builders.

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12ft by 16ft SIP Construction Tiny House with an Elevator King Bed For Sale for $49,999

SIP Tiny House with Elevator King Bed 001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

SIP Tiny House with Elevator King Bed 002 SIP Tiny House with Elevator King Bed 003 SIP Tiny House with Elevator King Bed 004 SIP Tiny House with Elevator King Bed 005 SIP Tiny House with Elevator King Bed 006 SIP Tiny House with Elevator King Bed 007

Images via Tiny Home Builders


  • 12ft wide, 16ft deep, 13ft 9in tall
  • Built with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)
  • 4×4 steel frame under the cabin
  • Bathroom and kitchenette
  • King size bed that retracts into ceiling
  • large table that retracts into ceiling
  • Reclaimed custom awning windows
  • Reclaimed wood custom front door
  • On demand water heater
  • $49,999

Learn more: https://www.tinyhomebuilders.com/tiny-house-marketplace/tiny-house-12×16-w-reclaimed-wood

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  • Wiz Zard
    July 19, 2018, 3:18 pm

    Love this elevator bed for the doubling of usable space. Of course, it also means I dont have to make the bed and I can leave my jammies under the pillow and no one will see it, lol. The only potential downside I see is if the mechanism fails and I have to sleep on the couch. 🙂 Lovely use of stained floor and patriotic decor perks up the interior. Such a nice change from the standard white and pasty wood we so often see in a thow. Thanks for showing us!

  • Alison
    July 23, 2018, 12:21 pm

    I like the non-electric elevator bed. I’d be interested to see a video showing it going up and down. Can one wimpy person manage it alone? The operable louvered wall between bathroom and dining area is also a novel feature (look on the linked site to see a few more photos).

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