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With so many tiny home builders and DIYers out there, it’s getting harder to come up with something entirely unique in the tiny house world. Even so, this Micromansion design by ACRO is truly innovative! Elevator beds aren’t new, but what about a queen bedroom that lowers down over a “lounge pit” living room just behind a soaking tub in front of a huge picture window?

The ultra-modern home also has all the cooking appliances inside the kitchen island that features double pop-up countertops to serve as a dining space. A sleek wet bath with a funky, specially designed sink sits underneath the loft bedroom that enjoys skylight views of the stars. Let us know which feature of this $105K THOW you find the most remarkable.

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Loft, Skylight, Elevator Bed, and Soaking Tub!

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One of the easiest ways to keep costs down in a tiny house is to build it tinier! A 16-foot THOW is about as small as we usually see them, and this one features an elevator bed, which is an awesome way to increase your floor space without a loft or even a futon/dinette that requires making it and unmaking it daily.

There’s also a fold-down porch off the front which allows for more outdoor living space when the weather is good. The compact galley kitchen has a fridge and sink and small toaster oven and microwave. The bathroom in the back has a toilet and shower. It’s for sale for $35K in Colorado Springs.

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Compact THOW w/ Front Porch & No Loft

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Mark had been doing van life for years when he met Marina and ended up moving into a house with her. Cue the lockdowns of 2020 and both of them were ready to get out! So they built out a van, then another van, and eventually this incredible box truck that doubles as party central when it gets dark.

Despite the wild nighttime vibe, it’s very calm and cozy on the inside with big cushy couches, an elevator bed, and a luxurious shower. The couple is now selling this rig, so they can build an overlanding version! Enjoy the tour below.

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Their $20K Rig with Amazing Storage & Design

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This couple began their relationship simply — they hiked the Appilachian Trail and enjoyed nature. Then they hopped on the normal ride and were getting further into standard American life when Jordan asked Meghan if she’d like to live in a van.

To his surprise, she said yes! They ended up settling on this awesome toy hauler and altogether spent $30K on their dream home. Here’s to them!

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Toy Hauler Tiny Home With Awesome Layout

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Just wait to meet one of the sweetest tiny house couples Tiny Home Tours has interviewed. Janae and Blaine designed and built their amazing THOW and have been living it since they got married back in 2019. It’s entirely off-grid, as well, and they have three adorable kittens.

But they don’t just live tiny — they design and build tiny homes as well with their business, “Cornerstone Tiny Homes” in Oklahoma. Once you see their THOW, you’ll want one designed by them for sure. This one has a elevator bed, tons of storage, a stacked washer and dryer, and more counter space than many apartments.

Enjoy the tour below!

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So Much Storage in this Cornerstone Tiny Home!

Newlywed’s Custom-Built THOW w Oodles of Storage

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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The shorter the tiny house, the more sacrifices you have to make. But Keri managed to get just about everything you could imagine in her 16 ft. tiny home, including an elevator bed (no lofts!), 3/4 bathroom, comfortable couch and an office/eating space!

Keri worked closely with a local builder, and was able to get all her designs realized in a beautiful THOW. It even has awesome exterior lighting that makes it look like light is peaking out of the slats like an old-fashioned barn.

She’s a business analyst who is now working remotely — she’s going to take her just-finished THOW to travel North America. You can follow her build process and future travels at her blog here. We got to do a Q&A with her, which you can read after the photo tour below!

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Business Analyst To Take Her THOW Across North America!

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This is a 16-ft. tiny house with an elevator bed for $39,000 out of Monterey, Tennessee via Nehemiah Horst on Tiny Home Builders.

It features a lovely exterior with a slanted, shed-style roof which seems as aerodynamic as it could be. Step inside, and I think you might be surprised as to how much you like the layout. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.

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16-ft. Tiny House with an Elevator Bed for 39k in Monterey Tennessee

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This is the story of Tyler who is an engineering grad and the tiny house that he built for only $15,000 USD thanks to the help of friends, family, and recycled materials. Isn’t it pretty cool that tiny houses on trailers can be an inexpensive and mobile housing option?

Update: Of course, it’s 2021 now, and today, this tiny house would probably cost much more to build because of the rise in lumber prices and other building materials.

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Tyler’s $15k Tiny House Built Debt-free

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This is the San Juan Tiny House on Wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

We decided to go with as much reclaimed material as possible, mostly because I had a ton of such material already laying around at the shop!

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The San Juan Curvy Roof Tiny House by Greg Parham w/ Elevator Bed, Custom Windows and Doors, And More…😍

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