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Villa Tiny House in Colombia with City Views

I love this unique cabana in Colombia, although I have no idea how to describe it! The floor plan is in the shape of a plus sign (+), but it has curved archways and cozy alcoves. And just wait until you admire the views from the large arched windows.

The home sits on a beautiful mountaintop patio, and there’s seating for two and a couple’s hot tub under an overhang. It won a National Design Award in 2002, and was designed by Rodrigo Uribe.

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Fun Studio-Style Brick House w/ Hot Tub

Unique Cabana in Colombia 9

Images via EcoParque

The hot tub for two is under a lovely overhang.

Unique Cabana in Colombia 11

Images via EcoParque

Bubbles! And some decorative plants.

Unique Cabana in Colombia 01

Images via EcoParque

Look at the gorgeous view from the arched window.

Unique Cabana in Colombia

Images via EcoParque

You step down into a compact kitchentte.

Unique Cabana in Colombia 7

Images via EcoParque

There’s a mini-fridge, two burners, a sink and then the bathroom just beyond.

Unique Cabana in Colombia 6

Images via EcoParque

There’s also a TV up in the living room corner.

Unique Cabana in Colombia 4

Images via EcoParque

Two burners and a tiny prep space.

Unique Cabana in Colombia 12

Images via EcoParque

Look at the nighttime views! Gorgeous.

Unique Cabana in Colombia 3

Images via EcoParque

Ready for a romantic getaway!

Unique Cabana in Colombia 8

Images via EcoParque

Seating for two — with a view!

Unique Cabana in Colombia 5

Images via EcoParque


  • Located in Cali, Colombia, this unique cabana features a plus-sign-shaped floorplan with huge arched windows
  • Amazing views of the city below! See the city lights at night.
  • Queen-sized bed sits in the main alcove.
  • The living room alcove has a couch and big screen TV.
  • You step down into the kitchen corner, which has a cooktop, sink and mini-fridge.
  • There’s a little bathroom as well, just beyond the kitchen.
  • Designed by Rodrigo Uribe, the cabana won the National Design Award in 2020.

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