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Three Friends Traveling in Their Tiny Camper Van

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These three friends all live tiny in Holland and travel together in their converted campervan, creating and selling their artwork.

They have an older-style van that required a lot of love to get it going, but now it’s a cozy and rustic little abode! We got the chance to interview Jolein about their tiny life, which you can read below the photo tour of their rig.

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Netherland Artists Hit the Road in a Camper Van

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan

Images © @t3opreis

They have a neat older van style with a hightop roof.

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 8

Images © @t3opreis

Their kitchen has rustic-style cabinet doors.

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 13

Images © @t3opreis

They have a couch that can become a bed.

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 12

Images © @t3opreis

Time to hit the road.

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 9

Images © @t3opreis

I love the iron-work!

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 7

Images © @t3opreis

Such cute little handles!

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 6

Images © @t3opreis

Such a beautiful quote.

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 5

Images © @t3opreis

Time for a nap!

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 11

Images © @t3opreis

They store all their gear up top!

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 3

Images © @t3opreis

Now that’s a cool spice cabinet!

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 2

Images © @t3opreis

They have a great little awning to pull out.

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 10

Images © @t3opreis

They look like a fun crew!

Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan 66

Images © @t3opreis

Interview with Jolein:

What got you into tiny living?

We are travelling with 3 friends in the van at the moment. But normally we all live in tiny places in a community in the Netherlands. So of course we each have our own story of how we got to living tiny. But what we have in common is that we all wanted to break out of the system of stress, money making, and start a life that leaves more time for just ‘being’.

Did you build your home or buy it? How long did the process take?

We bought the van rusty, leaking, and in poor state. One of us fixed it up with mostly found or recycled materials. It’s a continious process of making things more beautiful. This process already takes 4 years. A good example is how the hinges of the kitchen where found. They are made of branches from the trees standing just next to the van when building the kitchen. We really experienced that all you need is right in front of you most of the times.

How has tiny living changed your life (for better or worse)?

I realised there is so little you really need. My basics turned out to be: a nice bed, a chair and the ability to make tea. I am happy to have found this out. There is less craving, it’s still there, and easily triggered. But it got less. And that’s a blessing to me. Also, i met so many amazing people. People whom with I can talk about life, love, and the process of being a human being. I found out we are really all the same, looking for the same things. It makes me happy to be able to live a life that is about deep connections. To people, to nature and to myself.

What’s the hardest part of tiny living?

A bunch of small discomforts come up when you ask this question. Like when frost is on your nose when you wake up 🙂 or when you feel like dancing and jumping around, but the space is limiting your free movements 🙂 or when you want to celebrate your birthday but have space to only invite one person 🙂 Or when you go to bed when your tiny house still smells like the pasta you just cooked for dinner 🙂 or when you have to pee, and it’s freezing outside, but you don’t have a toilet on board 🙂

But that’s just small things.

Even though living tiny feels like the right thing for now, to be honest, sometimes I am wondering why everybody else is busy making money to buy more stuff and I get insecure because I feel like a minority and then start wondering if I should do the same. Luckily this is only sometimes. Most of the times we feel grateful with the freedom and all the free time to spend on growing as a person.

What’s the most rewarding part?

That nature, weather, seasons, and outdoor always feel close. We always wake up IN the weather. It decides our day programme.

Any advice for people looking to go tiny?

Just go, if you want that experience. You can always go bigger again.

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