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This is a $25,000 tiny house on wheels that’s for sale in Valley Center, California via the Tiny House Marketplace.

It’s an 8’x16′ studio tiny house built on a Ronco deck over flatbed trailer. What do you think? Deal or no deal?

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$25k Studio Tiny Cottage on Wheels For Sale in California…

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This is one very incredible tiny house with even more amazing views in Akara, South Island, New Zealand. It’s a studio-style tiny home with a double-size bed, kitchenette, bathroom, and outdoor area.

The double-size bed converts into your couch during the day. Outside there’s a deck with outdoor furniture, a barbecue grill, and a hot tub. I’m afraid if I ever go to a place like this, I may never come back. This one is available to book as a vacation rental on Glamping Hub (see below).

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Tiny House with Incredible Views in Akaroa, South Island, New Zealand

Incredible Tiny House with Amazing Views in Akaroa

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is a beautiful 24ft tiny house on wheels with a single level floor plan.

It features 178 sq. ft. of interior space and can be the perfect studio-style tiny home, guest space, weekend getaway, office, or whatever else you’d like.

It’s available now for $35,000 $29,000 out of Pennsylvania. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks.

One-Level 24ft Tiny House for $35k $29k

One Level 24ft 278 Sq Ft Tiny House for 35k 001

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This is a 25ft tiny house on wheels with downstairs sleeping that’s for sale in Maine.

From the outside, you’ll notice it a french door to welcome you inside with a symmetrical design.

Once you step inside, you’ll find a studio-style layout with your living area/bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, stacked washer and dryer, wall mounted computer desk, and a bar. Take the full tour below and let us know what you think of this tiny house layout in the comments!

25ft Studio Style Tiny House on Wheels with Downstairs Sleeping For Sale in Maine

25ft Tiny House with Downstairs Sleeping For Sale in Maine 001

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This is a 240 sq. ft. tiny cottage in Gabriola Island, BC that was recently remodeled with a studio apartment layout.

What’s neat too is that it has a rainwater collection system, a wood burning fireplace, and you get to sleep downstairs (no loft).

So what do you think? How about living tiny in a place like this?

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The Tiny Cottage BEFORE The Remodel…

240 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage Remodel (Before & After)

Photo credit: Marc Herrmann

Tiny Cottage/Cabin AFTER the Remodel…

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This is the story of a man named Fernando Abellanas, a Spanish plumber turned furniture and lighting designer, who built a secret studio under a bridge in Spain. Wow. Location remains undisclosed. Enjoy!

Spanish Plumber Builds a Secret Studio Under a Bridge

Photos via YouTube/Dezeen

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No, it’s not “tiny,” but Jacqueline’s Solar-Powered New Mexico Artist’s Studio, on 10 beautiful acres, looks like the spot to be!

The 800 sq. ft. home sits near the Chama River Valley and is completely off-grid. This might be the perfect spot to start your self-sufficient life. It’s currently for sale and you can get in touch with Jacqueline with more questions or an offer at [email protected].

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Solar-Powered New Mexico Artist’s Studio

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This is a tiny studio apartment in Knoxville.

It’s conveniently located across from campus and just two blocks from the strip.

Inside, you’ll find a studio layout with a kitchen, futon, murphy bed, full bathroom, and more!

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Tiny Studio Apartment in Knoxville

Tiny Studio Apartment in Knoxville 001

Images © Airbnb

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This is the modern and multi-functional YO! Home which features sliding walls and a bed that hides in the ceiling when not in use.

Pretty cool, right? It offers us all of the amenities of a larger home in a studio space which ultimately means you can pay less rent and enjoy more house.

The YO! Home includes a bed that lifts up into the ceiling when not in use so that you can comfortably enjoy the large oversized couches that are hidden underneath.

But that’s not all! The design includes a dining table that pops out of the floor, built-in floor storage, a sleek kitchen that hides when not in use, and more! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

YO! Home: Genius Multi-functional Studio House

YO! Home: Genius Multi-functional Studio House

Images © YO! Home

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