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Rodney and Marcel worked together to turn a shed kit into a beautiful 24×24 cabin in Alaska, complete with a 10×24 covered front porch and two queen-sized bedrooms.

The bedrooms and full bathroom span the back of the home, but in the front, there’s a lovely great room with a living room and kitchen built for entertaining. Could you live in this?

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Two-Bedroom Shed to Tiny House Conversion

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Mariryan and Heather are triathletes who live in Florida and transformed the Surf Shack in their backyard into a beautiful tiny guest cottage for family and friends. There’s even a cute mini porch off the front of the tiny home.

The inside is pretty micro — with a main loft bed, a loveseat that becomes another sleeping area, a mini kitchen on one wall, and a slim wet bath on the other. What do you think of this space?

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Couple’s Sustainable Backyard Cottage

triathletes surf shack tiny home 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Precious Price is an amazing woman who used the lockdown of 2020 to completely overhaul her life! She already managed a number of Airbnb rentals while juggling a 6-figure corporate job, but decided to take on a new project — transforming a shed kit into a tiny house!

The tiny home sits behind her “normal” home, and after firing 2 contractors, she ended up building out the shed home herself. She rents it out on Airbnb and coaches other people on how to make money with Airbnb as well — which has allowed her to quit her 9-5 and pursue what she enjoys.

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At 25, She Built a Tiny Home from a Shed Kit!

She Quit Corporate America to Run Airbnbs 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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One of our longtime readers, Marsha, has owned a number of tiny homes, including a bus! Most recently, she renovated an 8×8 shed on her son’s property and turned it into a lovely little home — but she is ready to start traveling again and wants to do some renovation work on her bus home and hit the road. So her shed is for sale!

The beautiful little home has a recently renovated kitchen area, and a twin bed that doubles as the couch. It will need to be transported via truck to a new home, and she’s asking $6,500. Check it out below!

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Awesome Tiny Home for $6.5K

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This beautiful one-bedroom, one-bath tiny house has been fully inspected and passed all regulations to exist as a backyard addition in North Carolina, but it’s ready for a new home!

It features a spacious great room with a dining, kitchen, and closed-off bathroom. There’s a separate ground-floor living room that’s absolutely lovely, and just wait until you check out the functional kitchen. You can contact the seller on Facebook.

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504 Sq. Ft. Shed Tiny House: $105K

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Katy and Michael transformed a storage shed on some family property into their adorable 280-square-foot farmhouse! The couple have two girls, and together they just finished their second week of tiny living.

Their main goal in going tiny was to save money so they can eventually build their own spot. After years of renting, they wanted a home that really looked like “theirs” while being able to save. They spent just $15,000 on this amazing build, which includes a downstairs bedroom, bathroom, and an open-concept living and kitchen space.

They’re located in Round Top, Texas, and shared their story with us below! Enjoy!

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Shed-Turned-Farmhouse: A Family Tiny Home

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Steve and his wife moved to a 600 foot cabin on 5.5 acres after living in an even smaller space in town. There was an existing 8×12 tool shed on the property, and his adult daughter claimed the space as her own for when she visits. It was then that he got the idea to finish the space out for guests.

The result is the “Sunflower House,” a simple but awesome build that cost under $2,600! The shed was already wired for electricity, but because it’s not plumbed they have a jug system for water to the kitchen sink, and a dry flush toilet. A futon bed provides comfortable seating.

Enjoy the photo and video tour below, and read all about what Steve has to say about the build out at the end of the post!

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Steve’s $2.6K Backyard Guest Cottage

8×12 Shed Guestroom in Cabin Backyard 7

Images via Poplar Ridge

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Shawn and Jess have been living tiny now for more than four years in an RV, and they recently finished this tiny house on a foundation where they will vacation and plan to retire someday!

This is a great example of a new shed transformed into a tiny living space. They purchased the shell from Tuff Shed and then Shawn built out the entire interior of the home. It has two lofts, a large main living area, and a bathroom/kitchen in the back. While the indoor kitchen is quite minimal, there’s a large outdoor patio area with a grill and more.

Watch the video tour below, and enjoy our Q&A with Jess after the photos!

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They Took A Brand-New Shed And Turned It Into Their Mortgage-Free Tiny Home!

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Marsha Cowen has been a loyal THT reader for a long time, and she’s also done her fair share of tiny living!

We first featured her Darling Tiny House, then her Nest THOW, next she bought and renovated an awesome bus. She sold that and built another tiny house on wheels, and most-recently, her truck bed tiny home she used while moving cross-country. Now she’s settled in on her son’s farm in North Carolina, and transformed her 8×8 storage shed into her home!

All of her awesome cottagey essentials made it into this latest build, and it’s such a gem. She said she had plenty of help from her “crew” (a flock of adorable chickens). Enjoy the photos below!

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Her 6th Tiny House! Marsha’s Shed Home

Marsha’s 8×8 Shed-To-Tiny-House Conversion 21

Images from Marsha Cowen

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