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We’re so excited to introduce you to Lloyoll Prefabs (pronounced “loyal”) in Canada, and their gorgeous SKALI BackCountry Cuboid unit. This modern marvel has a special rusted-looking exterior and oodles of windows to let in natural light.

There’s a ground-floor queen bedroom and space in the lofts for two more beds. A wood-burning stove warms the open floor plan, with a spacious kitchen on one end and living space in the middle. Take a look at this beautiful space below!

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424 Sq. Ft. Tiny House with Ground Floor Bedroom

SKALI @sawyerhannay 7

Photos by Sawyer Hannay

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If you liked the concept of the Dove model prefab home shell we showed you previously, but need more space, you’re in luck! The same company, NIDUS, also makes a “Condor” model in two larger sizes — one around 400 square feet, and the other around 750 square feet. And they start at about $29,447 and $49,756, respectively.

Both models have a similar first-floor set-up, with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, but the smaller Condor has an open loft (stand-up), while the larger model features two bedrooms upstairs. Either option would work well for a couple or even a small family (especially the larger version). What do you think?

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Affordable 400 & 750 Square Foot Prefab Homes

The Condor from NIDUS Modular Tiny Home Solutions 9

Images via NIDUS

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While others may have spent their quarantines learning how to bake bread or watching endless videos on the Internet, Maddy and her sister spent their time dreaming up and building the perfect mountain tiny house!

The two designed what was Maddy’s home, which is now an Airbnb, starting with a prefab shell and then making all the right customizations to create a truly special build. It features a full-sized bathroom and a cozy raised living room. Enjoy the tour!

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They Built a Mountain Cabin Tiny House!

Sisters Build Incredible Mountain Tiny House Airbnb 001

Images via Marina/Airbnb

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Looking for a tiny house that’s fireproof, termite-resistant, has no loft and doesn’t sit on wheels? This PreFabulous Home checks all those boxes!

This expandable tiny house is 350 square feet and can include two bedrooms. There are a number of layout options available, as well as exterior and interior finishes to make the home truly yours. The home can also be moved because it can be folded up and transported on a truck — meaning it’s location isn’t set in stone (pun intended).

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Expanding Tiny House With Two Bedrooms

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This is the pinnacle of “smart” tiny home prefabricated construction! While the iOhouse has a hefty price tag, it’s still a super cool concept: This home is 100% off grid while being fully self-contained — and everything from the furniture to the heat to the lights can be controlled from your smartphone.

Coming in at about 645 square feet, it features with two fold-out porches, a mechanical room, spacious living area, downstairs master bedroom, and a kitchen and bathroom. The home is solar-powered, and created without any synthetic materials! Just wood, wool, glass and metal — pretty neat! You will need to get the waste removed and water refilled about every two weeks (with two person occupancy), but apparently that’s easily done in European countries.

Take a look at the photo tour below, and learn more on their website.

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The Amazing iOhouse is Controlled by Your Smartphone


Images via iOhouse

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Yes, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, this PassivDom modulOne is the “warmest house in the world.”

And it’s only 380 sq. ft.! The modulOne is a super cool manufactured structure that comes in three “levels” of completeness: The Autonomous (which is 100% self-sustaining), the Standard (which has all your appliances, fixtures, etc. but needs to be hooked up to exterior power/sewer), and the Module Plus (a finished shell with wiring for electrical and heating, but nothing else).

Enjoy the pictures and the video tour, and be sure to check out all the additional details and pricing below!

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The Warmest House in the World: PassivDom modulOne

Images via PassivDom

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The solar powered pod called the Innovation Pod is a modular structure that can be configured to different shapes, sizes, and purposes: Like a tiny house, coach house, mobile office, art gallery, food truck, and more.

This pod prototype was built and designed by Ottawa’s prototypeD, and is currently operated by MadeMill as a mobile digital media lab.

It’s unique curved roof was built with corrugated metal and the pod is powered with 3kW of solar power feeding into an 11kWh battery bank.

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Solar Powered Pod as Prototype for Tiny House, Mobile Office & More! 

Solar Powered Pod

Image © MadeMill and Justin Holness

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This is a 200 sq. ft. Pavilion tiny house design called Tiny Pav 2 by Pavilions Architects.

It’s a prefab system designed to be delivered to a site and assembled on site.

It features about 200 sq. ft. of interior space plus an additional outdoor deck.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

200 Sq. Ft. Pavilion Tiny House

200 sq ft Pavilion Tiny House 001

Images © Pavilions Design Team via Facebook

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This is the 450 sq. ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home designed by GreenPod Development and built by Sprout Tiny Homes. It’s also known as the Storage-Friendly Water House.

From the outside, you’ll notice it has an elegant, clean, and modern design.

When you go inside, you’ll find a beautiful interior with a full kitchen, dining table, full bathroom, living area, and a downstairs bedroom.

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The Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

Images © Green Pod Development and Sprout Tiny Homes

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