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450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

This is the 450 sq. ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home designed by GreenPod Development and built by Sprout Tiny Homes. It’s also known as the Storage-Friendly Water House.

From the outside, you’ll notice it has an elegant, clean, and modern design.

When you go inside, you’ll find a beautiful interior with a full kitchen, dining table, full bathroom, living area, and a downstairs bedroom.

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The Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

Images © Green Pod Development and Sprout Tiny Homes

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

Images © Green Pod Development and Sprout Tiny Homes

The Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home is designed by GreenPod Development and built by Sprout Tiny Homes.

Please learn more by using the links below. Thanks!


  1. Sprout Tiny Homes
  2. GreenPod
  3. Facebook
  4. FYI’s Tiny House Hunting Episode: Season 2, Episode 5
  5. The Storage-Friendly Water House on FYI’s Tiny House Hunting

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!

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{ 74 comments… add one }
  • Avatar JoLene

    Absolutely beautiful home! The lovely Labrador makes it even more inviting. Cheers for a Happy 2016!

  • Avatar Deadrock

    Have always loved this model, and there are several other models by the same company that I love as well. Very sleek, beautiful, well designed, etc. Prices are out of my range, sadly. Might almost be worth it for the sweet pooch, however. Very glad to see more pictures of this home than I have found online so far, thanks, Alex!

    If you can afford them, the company seem to have a good green aesthetic. I like the ecological principles they’re founded upon.

  • Avatar CathyAnn

    This is one of the most beautiful tiny homes I’ve ever seen. It’s quality through and through, such great attention to detail. The builders are real craftsmen.

    • Avatar kristina nadreau

      perfect. the ONLY modifications for my personal use would be to have backs on my dining chairs, not stools, and a dishwasher. The finishes are superb and the design of all spaces and surfaces is awesome.

  • Avatar Harry

    It`s all been said ……
    Lovely little home !

  • Avatar Bluesgirl

    I have definitely been blown away by the beauty of your home.
    It speaks volumes of Peace, Hope & Serenity

  • Avatar Mark

    Not too much to say about this house other than they’ve achieved near perfection in design and use. Colors, designs, materials, and accessories merge to create near perfection. This home looks as if it was built with more than craftsmen like attention, but also of love.

  • Avatar Mike

    There’s a lot of lessons here that can be applied to any self-built tiny house. Consistency in materials, style or theme, clean lines without clutter and working with a constrained color palette.

    Pay attention. This is pretty good.

  • Avatar Elizabeth Rubio

    Elegant. The kitchen is a marvel.

  • Avatar MareM

    This. Is. Great.
    Love the pull-out shelves; even better than pull-out drawers. The website shows options in a good floorplan. Of course, I have it all planned out as to what I will include…when I win the lottery. 😀

  • Love it but I don’t get the concept of the “bump in”. Just seems like lost square footage to me.

    • Avatar Mark

      Is there any way of determining how much this house costs to replicate?

    • Avatar Barnie

      Thanks for saying it, katiei… I couldn’t agree more. It’s really a beautiful home overall though.

    • Avatar Eric

      Katiei… to you it is lost square footage. To the owner, I am sure it is aesthetic personalisation… something that gives them personal pleasure. Not everything “has” to have a practical function. And it actually doesn’t take up a lot of space as can be seen from the floorplan. Personally I think it looks great and as for the owner, I’m sure that is the same and that is all that matters really. If you were to have this built, well you could have it without the bump in. Your choice.

  • Avatar billie richert

    My perfect dream home.

  • Avatar Sara

    Gorgeous. I have bookmarked this one. I really like having the dog for scale. It is important as I have two and need to see how they would live in the house as well. One of our concerns has been bathing them without having the entire place become a wet room. That shower shot demonstrated it just might be possible!

  • Avatar CC

    Nice, but no photos of bedroom other than a chair and storage space.
    And where can we find a price???



    • Avatar Marcy

      Just click on the links in the text. They take you to the designers and builders sites.

  • Avatar gale

    I clicked on the link provided here anf they have several homes to choose from and they are all exceptional. They are all veey pricey as well but you can take multiple ideas from them for free:) Beautiful and classy homes!

  • Avatar Judy Guyer Nobles

    Love the Waterhaus!!! What is the pricing? as is? other options??? My favorite design yet!!

    • Avatar Marcy

      People, I’m begging you! Click on the links. It’s not that tough. It will take you to the site where this kind of information can be located.

  • Avatar Rosey Kyle

    How much? Where is it built? How is it shipped?

    • Avatar Marcy

      People, I’m begging you! Click on the links. It’s not that tough. It will take you to the site where this kind of information can be located.

      • Avatar Large Marge

        Oh. Those links. Got it! Ha! Does a telephone number with periods in it mean it’s a WWW address? Ha!

        Well done all around. Designers rock! As a retired restaurant owner, I look to the kitchen first. Sooner or later, everybody has to eat. So…

        Thumbs up for the powered exhaust fan over the range and kitchen sink! Get rid of heat and odors and moisture.

        Thumbs up for different counter levels for different size cooks!

        Thumbs up for a nearby counter to increase the food prep area! Thank you for designing that counter so a wheelchair can fit under!

        Thumbs up for the kitchen OUTSIDE THE TRAFFIC PATTERN!

        You did good!

        PS: Gotta have a dog!

        • Avatar Eric

          So… it ends up being a glorified dog house then…? Just Kidding.

  • Avatar Glema

    Sorry but in a tiny living space, I’m not bumping “in” for plant life unless I made it a combo of out door shower 🙂 then maybe. Nice little place though thanks for sharing. God bless and Happy trails!

    • Avatar Marcy

      Glema, I’m with you. It is cool looking, but there’s no way I would give up any of my limited space for an outside shelf.

  • Avatar Porcsha

    OMGosh! I can certainly tell when people love the house! I could live in this house! To me this is ideal for tiny house living! There should be subdivisions of homes like this. It wouldn’t be hard to make this wheelchair and handicap accessible. This home is a gem and I will save tissue link! Thanks, Alex for sharing and love the cute doggie!

  • Avatar Rue

    I want that kitchen. Yes I do.

  • In the video, they mention that the house has TWO bedrooms? The photos do not even show one bedroom. The washer-dryer combo is a plus, but the kitchen needs more than a hot plate and microwave (yuck). Nice layout and design, but would love to see photos of the two bedrooms, closet and laundry area–

  • Avatar Mary

    Again, how much can I put aside to make a determination if I can afford. It seems we all have the same question, does it ever get answered!

    • Avatar Deadrock

      Why doesn’t everyone who keeps asking the same question “How much is this?” take ONE SECOND of their time to realize that the guy who is simply providing you with this post is NOT the guy who builds all these tiny houses! Alex not only gives us the pictures, but never fails to POINT US IN THE DIRECTION we need to go if we want to learn more. Why not consider clicking a link or two (which again, ALEX IS PROVIDING) to go to the manufacturer/owner/designer/architect etc. and ASK YOUR QUESTIONS OF THE PEOPLE WHO CAN ANSWER THEM! You expect Alex to spend his time running down answers to every possible thing someone might want to know about every possible tiny house he ever highlights on this blog? Show a little initiative, for crying out loud!

      • Avatar Marcy

        Deadrock, I’m with you on this. People will ask questions they could easily find the answers to if they would just click on the links in the very short write-ups that are always before the photographs. Those usually take you to the designer or builders websites where you can find all sorts of information. If you want more information, just click on the link.

        • Avatar Deadrock

          Cheers, Marcy! I was certain someone would come back at me with something along the lines of “Alex, why do you let this awful person even post here?! There’s no call for such a nasty attitude! I demand you block her comments!”…as such has been the response to a few of my innocent communiques. 🙂 The punters can ask silly questions all they want with no interference from me, but when they start to veer into blaming poor Alex for something that isn’t his fault, it starts to really cheese me off.

        • Avatar Deadrock

          In addition to the links in the descriptive paragraphs just before the photos, there is of course the “Resources” section below the photos that provide even more links. I wonder sometimes how people miss that? They must be the same people who can only order off menus that have big, glossy colorful pictures that they can point to and grunt when the waitress comes to their table.

          Maybe Alex could make that section more obvious somehow? Put in a big .jpg or animated .gif with the words “FIND OUT MORE BY CLICKING THESE LINKS!” in a bold font that looks like it was written with a red crayon.

      • Avatar Marivale

        Thanks to both Marcy and Deadrock. I get so irritated with the arrogant laziness of some of the posters to this blog. They can’t take the time to check out the links but keep demanding someone else do it for them.

        • Avatar Mary

          Not everyone is as intelegant as you are! Who made you king of the mountain. Some people are older and new to this type of communicating. Have a little understanding if your capable of that feelin!!! Get a life.

        • Avatar Marivale

          Sorry if you found that comment offensive but I strongly suspect I am WAY older then most of the people who post here. Please don’t get your back up. Just follow the suggestions to use the links in the blog to get your questions answered. Yes, it is frustrating that there is no price attached to most of these tiny houses but then many of them are not posted by the builders but by the buyer. Alex always posts links in his blogs and if you click on those links, they will take you to a site with more information. Just an FYI though, many builders don’t publish their prices on their websites.

        • Avatar Deadrock

          Not really anything to do with “intelegance” – or age; cuz trust me, I ain’t particularly young either. You don’t need to know how to use a computer to get this – you just have to know how to read. Also a little gumption and self-sufficiency help. And you only got targeted because you copped an attitude about the innocent guy who runs this blog.

  • Avatar Trish Dee

    I agree with most of the comments. It is a great tiny house, great design, well appointed interior and very functional. I could definitely live here and be very happy. I do imagine that the price makes it less obtainable for most of us interested in tiny house living, but the layout and storage ideas are worth the look and putting in our tiny house idea notes for future use. It’s taken me several years to change my mindset about tiny house living. I first noticed tiny house living in an issue of Mother Earth News. A young couple with a small child was living in one. My first thought was: “How in the world can anyone live in something that small?” I laughed. Now I look at them at and say: “How smart they were at such a young age?” Times have changed, I’ve changed. I see a tiny house in my future and I hope all that read and contribute to this site do too.

  • Avatar Michael Pierce

    Wonderful house, the floor plans spells it all out. Thanks for the dream.

  • Avatar Chuck

    With the construction/site/sewer costs this house could hit $250,000 easily which is a little pricey for something this small. But I must admit it is really a nice little home. Love the kitchen! I would not want the outdoor plant thingie and bump out the bathroom into that space. I think the best thing about this house aside from the craftsmanship is all the storage. That’s just amazing. So like some people have said…when I win the lottery!!!

  • Avatar Jerie Fitzpatrick

    How much for the build? Total cost? Sunce this is a ” prefab”… Iam assuming this can be purchased and built on any site. Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar Trish Fennell

    I would like an additional loft bedroom for family and friends when they come to visit.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Good idea — Tiny House Talk Team

  • Avatar Claude

    Love it, nice design, lots of space saving ideas!

  • Avatar Chuck

    Totally love this house!!!! I would not change a thing. I love the clean lines of the kitchen and all the storage is awesome. I love the fact that the bedroom is not a loft. I’d love to have this house and put it on some land up in Joshua Tree. Since I am a single senior this would be perfect for me and my cat.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      That sounds like a lovely plan 🙂

  • Avatar Chuck

    While the outdoor plant thing is cool I would not have that there. Rotate the bathroom to the left with the entrance to the bathroom in the bedroom. This would increase the living space quite a bit. Such a beautiful little house.

  • This is beautiful! How much and where is it located? Can it be ordered!

  • Avatar Kenny

    This very similar to a mobile home with more sleek finishes and stainless steel in the kitchen.

    If affordability is desirable, there’s 1 BR brand new well made (on assembly line) mobile homes for about 20,000 dollar range. $32k is a decent 2 BR floor plan single wide.

    Not sure why this is 250k to be perfectly honest. I figured maybe 100 grand (maybe 125k?) if it’s ultra modern with the best quality insulation, windows, etc.

  • Avatar Tom Osterdock

    Very nice.

  • Avatar Patricia Chang

    Very, very nice house. The kitchen is perfect. The inside is esthetically pleasing. This is a great house. I like all the windows and the deck. With the right landscaping and lot, this could be a glamorous tiny house. Must be pricey.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      It is definitely a wonderful home!


    I love this design…! I want it… I just need a place to put it first….! And don’t spoil it for me because I didn’t look to see how much , all I know is that I like the design…. I really need to find some land soon….!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      Hehe I won’t tell you then 😉

  • Avatar Elle

    THIS is a great house. You can never go wrong investing in functional cabinetry. It’s an essential part of making a small space optimally operable, beautiful and gives clean lines. No stuff sitting out anywhere, just good design. I wonder how much it costs as is? A lot, I’d surmise from the details. Since when did tiny homes become SO expensive? Since they began to be an industry.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie

      I find that the homes people love the most on THT are the ones with the biggest price tags because they are well-designed, well-made and have great features, whereas the inexpensive ones get the most complaints. Unfortunately, even in tiny homes, you get what you pay for. (unless you DIY!)

  • Avatar Joe

    Super design. Clean, modern and feels very spacious.

  • The gray color in its shades combined with the contrasting wood is fine, but to avoid making the atmosphere too aseptic it takes a shade of shine that enlivens the environment like covering a purple wall or hanging a vivid picture with tinted shades like a reproduction of William Turner. Maybe even the Puppy ( Cucciolone ) would be happy too.

  • Avatar Susanne

    Wow this is very nice and prefab?!?! But I agree costly if it’s 250.000. My traditionally built home is alittle over 2,100 sq ft, and maybe would sell close to 200,000 right now- so buying this smaller home would cost me more. It’s not cheap to downsize !!!! Location as we’ve seen also makes a massive difference.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Yea location is really the killer!

  • Avatar Sherry

    This home is truly elegant….I would do just fine living in this one!

  • What I don’t like is showing pictures that are not the same as the floor plans shown. It could be a blend of the Condo concept from Professor Wilson’s project. The real shame is the inability to get anyone but a Republican elected so the Low-income population (they seem so dedicated to creating) for 300 million Americans will have a place to live. The 1% are perfectly happy with the way they have arranged things as there are still plenty of overpasses that have not collapsed yet for the unwashed to live under and serve them.
    I don’t think ANYTHING has been done for the poor and low income in this country on a federal level since the LAST Farm Home subsidy in the early 80’s.
    Utilizing this concept with the Wison philosophy would get a nice blend of poor and upper middle class into mobile housing that could move with employment opportunities. Who knows, maybe even some of them could start a savings account someday.

    • Avatar Tom Osterdock

      Very true the Democrats only create the poor and do not help them but they do fool them into thinking they do.

  • Avatar Joe

    Stunning place! Love the clean lines and openess.

  • Avatar Henry H

    I saw the beautiful Waterhaus in Port Angeles about two summers ago. It’s a loooong process peeps. I’ve purchased 12 raw mountain top acres in Grass Valley, Ca ($100k), now I’m in process surveying, site planning and re-grading a 20 year old fire road ($20k & 6 months, they talk in seasons not weeks or months). I’ll build a black painted steel and wood steel deck ($20k) over an insane 180 view, develop a pad ($5k) for my Waterhaus (trailer version) to combat a nasty CC&R 1,200 sqft home minimum. Drill a well ($10k), grade the 300’ gravel driveway (??$), trench the water and elect to a 2,000 gallon plastic holding tank at the top of the hill ($5-10k). Along the line I’ll have the Waterhouse started in a $95k trim with a RV loan of maybe $75k.

    When completed we’ll roll her up to the top, slide it next to the preexisting matching deck with $6k jacuzzi and then realize it’s not a dream but a 4 year reality. I’ll see you in Airbnb in 2020! 😉

  • Avatar Nanny M

    In a word, this home is a masterpiece.

  • Avatar Debra Fisher

    I love this home! I just wish that more of the fixed income and low income seniors could get one!

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