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This is a 200 sq. ft. Pavilion tiny house design called Tiny Pav 2 by Pavilions Architects.

It’s a prefab system designed to be delivered to a site and assembled on site.

It features about 200 sq. ft. of interior space plus an additional outdoor deck.

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200 Sq. Ft. Pavilion Tiny House

200 sq ft Pavilion Tiny House 001

Images © Pavilions Design Team via Facebook

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This is the 450 sq. ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home designed by GreenPod Development and built by Sprout Tiny Homes. It’s also known as the Storage-Friendly Water House.

From the outside, you’ll notice it has an elegant, clean, and modern design.

When you go inside, you’ll find a beautiful interior with a full kitchen, dining table, full bathroom, living area, and a downstairs bedroom.

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The Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

450 Sq. Ft. Waterhaus Prefab Tiny Home

Images © Green Pod Development and Sprout Tiny Homes

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Deek just published a video tour that his brother, Dustin, shot of the Bolt Together House. According to Deek, in 1972 this small house design was featured in Family Circle Magazine.

I recognized it from Lester Walker’s book, The Tiny Book of Tiny Houses which was published in 1993. Apparently, more than 25,000 people purchased a set of plans for the bolt together house. I wonder how many other versions of it are out there, which remain standing. Back in 1972, this tiny cabin could be built for just $2,500 and most of the work could be done at home and then assembled on site. At just 224 square feet, the design accommodates two adults and two children.

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The Bolt Together House!

Bolt Together House on Lester Walker's Tiny Book of Tiny Houses

That’s a photo I took from the feature in Lester Walker’s book, which you might be able to find on Amazon.

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