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If you’re looking for a tiny house that’s already situated, the Tiny Ophelia in a North Carolina tiny house village might be the spot for you. This 336-square-foot home has a 200-square-foot deck with an outdoor soaking tub, a giant projector screen, and many luxurious features you’ll feel like you’re on a permanent vacation. Plus, you can rent this property as a short-term rental if you ever want/need to.

The interior features a stunning living room with a concrete hearth and electric fireplace. The galley kitchen has a dishwasher, a two-burner cooktop, and a little coffee bar. Finally, the bathroom in the back of the tiny house has a large walk-in shower and flush toilet. Sleeping quarters are up the floating stairs in the large loft.

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Luxury Tiny House with Wonderful Outdoor Area

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Sometimes adding on to an older building with something contemporary goes wrong, but this hybrid vintage-shed-meets-modern-tiny-home perfectly combines the two eras. The older portion holds a comfy couch and eating area with a coffee bar, while the addition houses a queen-sized bed and another seating area.

In the addition you’ll be wowed by reclaimed 9-foot barn windows that still have the wavy glass in them, giving a mystical view of the woods beyond. There’s a separate, private bath house just steps away that has a clawfoot tub and old-fashioned sink. What do you think?

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Beautiful and Modern Vintage Shed Tiny House

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This is a 206 sq. ft. modern Scandinavian-style custom-built tiny house from Fritz Tiny Homes. They dubbed this one “The Fritz”. It features lots of windows to provide plenty of natural light into this beautiful space. There’s a full kitchen, luxury bathroom, tall loft, and tons of storage space.

Enjoy the photos and virtual tour below. Let us know what you think about this custom tiny house build in the comments below.

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24′ Modern Tiny House by Fritz Tiny Homes


Images via Fritz Tiny Homes

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This unique getaway was designed by architect Josh Schweitzer and was used as a private getaway up until recently. Freshly remodeled, the cubist-inspired cabins feature bold colors and all the amenities of home.

There’s a great room and adjacent kitchen, along with a single bedroom (first floor) and bathroom with a luxurious walk-in shower. The third structure is a covered outdoor eating area, and you’ll find a patio area between the buildings. The complex stands in the middle of the Joshua Tree desert, with striking rock formations and mountains in the distance.

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Cubist Architecture & Bold Color Scheme

Josh Schweitzer’s Monument House, Joshua Tree 13

Images via Monument House

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When dealing with a compact space, finding ways to hide your stuff is of utmost importance. While open-concept shelving has really taken off lately, Mark Langen shows how creative hidden storage can allow for clean lines while still keeping the space visually open.

This apartment hides a shower behind a wall, spices and jars in the backsplash, and a mini bar in the most unpredictable spot. Oh, and there’s even office space in the super-neat table! Let us know what you think.

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Spices Hidden in the Backsplash & Other Seamless Storage

The Rosie House 3

Images by Mark Langen

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Ante contacted us to show off the beautiful home he created from what was an old shed on his property in Croatia:

So, in few lines, we remodeled old tool shred into something worth living now. We are located in Croatia, Europe and we love tiny house projects. This house is 6x4m outside measure and we have a bit more than 21.5m2 of useful space inside. On the other side Olive orchards and gardens outside makes it more value. We also have an Airbnb here during summer because we are in tourist area.
UPDATE: Ante sent more photos, which we have added.

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Modern Tiny House with Stunning Views in Croatia

Piccolina Tiny House Shed Becomes Modern Abode 4

Images via Ante Grbavac

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Here’s a vacation you can feel really great about. Book a stay in these 290 square feet Blockhouse studios, and you’ll know you’ve left a net-zero carbon footprint.

The Pacific Studios were designed sustainably, using reclaimed materials and more. Solar power gives you all the comforts of home, and there’s a Murphy bed to sleep on. Book your stay on Airbnb and check out the video tour below.

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Net-Zero Living in the Pacific Studios

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Conventional design wisdom claims you can’t use dark colors in small spaces, but this tiny house built in Germany by Tiny House Manufaktur shows there’s an exception to every rule.

Paired with a light, natural wood, the black cabinets, steps, and accent walls in this THOW not only work but provide a modern, luxurious aesthetic. There’s an abundance of hidden storage in this home, with tons under the stairs, and an additional storage/sleeping loft over the living area.

To me, it looks like that couch could easily become another guest bed, and the bathroom includes a flush toilet and heated towel rack (one of Europe’s best inventions, in my humble opinion). You can get in touch with the builder here.

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Sleek, Black Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny House Manufaktur in Germany

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This is the 320-sq.ft. Poseidon Tiny House by Hera Homes for sale in Wisconsin. It features a modern design on a gooseneck trailer.

Inside you’ll find stunning custom countertops in the prettiest blue color, along with all kinds of energy-efficient features. There’s even a back deck with space for a chair or two. The main bedroom is over the gooseneck, and there’s a storage loft over the deck.

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Ultra-Modern Super-XL Gooseneck Tiny House In Wisconsin

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