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Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Rustic Tiny House

Here’s an amazing hand-crafted tiny house that’s for sale in California. Built primarily from reclaimed materials, all the wood inside sealed with just all-natural tung oil, a non-toxic alternative to polyurethanes and stains. Any paint you see is old-fashioned milk paint, and everything is either plywood or real wood — no MDF or particleboard. Finally, the fabrics chosen are natural latex and wool (so watch out if you’re allergic!).

The house design includes a compact corner kitchen and a little wet bath (you provide the composting toilet). There’s a lovely painted table in the middle of the house and a futon in the living room area. A small desk space is set up to allow you to work from home. Finally, you can climb a ladder to the bedroom loft where a skylight gives you views of the stars. You can purchase it for $104K.

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24-Foot Reclaimed Material Tiny Home (Loft Bedroom)

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic

Images via Phillipe

What an amazing cozy cabin feel inside!

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 2

Images via Phillipe

The kitchen has live-edge countertops.

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 3

Images via Phillipe

All the wood is sealed with 100% tung oil.

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 6

Images via Phillipe

What a beautiful table!

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 9

Images via Phillipe

It’s nice to have a work-from-home office.

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 10

Images via Phillipe

A small wet bath here. No toilet included. (You can add a composting one).

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 4

Images via Phillipe

The loft bedroom has an awesome skylight.

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 13

Images via Phillipe

The exterior has cool reclaimed metal siding.

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic 45

Images via Phillipe


Tiny House at a Glance:
• Iron Eagle PAD series 2022 model trailer
• 14k pound weight capacity
• 24×8 feet (192 Sq. ft)
• Trailer has current registration/plates with DMV as trailer coach

• Fully functional kitchen with full sized appliances
• Loft with skylight and king sized bed
• Couch converts to a full sized guest bed
• Shower with galvanized metal walls and tile floor
• 30 Amp subpanel with RV cord hookup
• Utility closet with 2x 40 pound propane tanks
• Storage: multi-function furniture, storage loft, drawers, and shelves makes use of every square foot count
• Note: there is no toilet included. House was designed for use with small indoor composting toilet used in wet bath area or with outside toilet

• Mini-split for heating and cooling
• Dwarf 4k wood stove for primary heating
• Propane gas range, full sized whirpool refrigerator, and Broan range hood
• Rinnai propane tankless hot water heater

Non-toxic/green building materials/techniques:
• Solid wood interior: solid oak floor and mixed species (predominantly redwood) used for ceiling and siding
• All seals and finishes are made with 100% natural tung oil (no stains, varnishes, or polyurethane)
• All interior paint is milk paint from the Real Milk Paint Company
• No particleboard or MDF used for furniture and cabinets (solid wood or plywood only)
• All cushions and mattresses are made from natural latex and wool

This tiny house is best suited to someone who has the strength and coordination to climb up and down a ladder (e.g. to loft)

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