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His DIY Off-Grid Tiny House in Colorado

Tim wanted to keep living in Colorado, but needed a more affordable option. He decided to build himself a 32-foot-long gooseneck trailer — and did it in just three months! While he wouldn’t ever build a THOW with that kind of timeline again, he loved the process overall and would definitely build another home if he needed to in the future.

His house has all kinds of great features, like a lifted bathroom, so he can keep a water tank and heater under the floor. There’s a little drawer dishwasher under his fridge and a full oven to make cooking at home easy. He has a loveseat, a gooseneck bedroom with a skylight, and a wrap-around deck he’s in the process of completing.

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He Built this Off-Grid THOW in Just 90 Days!

He lives with his adorable dog. His deck gives him a great spot to hang out.

While the skylight has caused him a lot of trouble, he finally has it waterproofed!

VIDEO: He built an off-grid Tiny Home for affordable housing in Colorado


  • Tim grew up in Alaska and had a fun childhood, experiencing the outdoors much more than other people.
  • He moved to Colorado as an adult and had dreams of living in a tiny house. He finally decided it would be the cheapest way to live in the ever-more-expensive Colorado.
  • As a wild challenge, he built this entire home in just 90 days! It cost him about $42,000 and is off-grid with a great solar array.
  • He’s in the process of adding a wrap-around porch to his tiny house, so he can get to the back “garage” space without a ladder.
  • His bedroom is up in the gooseneck of the trailer, and he can just barely stand there. He added a used skylight at first, but had to upgrade to a new one to keep it water tight.
  • Tim used hundreds of pennies and epoxy to create an awesome basin for his shower. His entire bathroom is built “up” in order to keep the water tank and water heater under the floor.

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