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Overlanding Micro Military Camper 55

Overlanding Micro Military Camper for Solo Traveler

Juliana Rose is a fantastic woman! She started SUV-camping out of her FJ Cruiser and one day decided to do it full-time. After living out of her vehicle, she purchased and built a micro camper to give her and her two dogs more space. The 30-square-foot space was originally a military generator, but Juliana Rose [...]

His Military Overlander w Elevator Bed 2

His Epic Military Overlander with Lift Bed & Bathroom

Apollo created this incredible Overlander in just 36 days! He worked on it in the two-car garage of the 3000+ square foot home he was renting and now has the freedom to move around since he’s never been one to stay in one place for long. He put about $105K into the build and actually [...]

Couple’s 4×4 Epic Ambulance Conversion 3

Their Epic 4×4 Ambulance Conversion

Alex and Crystal purchased their ambulance back in 2019 and used it as a vacation/emergency vehicle for about three years. At the time, they used the ambulance pretty much “as-is” with some minor adjustments, but once they decided to sell their home and pursue full-time nomadic life, they totally transformed the rig! The most expensive [...]

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MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 001

MoonLander Truck Campers

This is the MoonLander Truck Camper by RADICA. It’s an affordable and game-changing truck shell built for camping that starts at just $5,500. If you’ve been exploring a lifestyle centered around camping, road trips, or nomadic living, this truck shell camper might just be what you need to kickstart your adventure. To explore more amazing [...]

6.5 Years on the Road, 3.5 in Epic RV 3

Life in her Overland Truck Camper

Lindsey grew up as a farm kid and loved the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that after living an everyday young professional life in Chicago and NYC, she decided to simplify and live on the road. A few years in, she started looking for a better rig and came across the Overland Explorer X10 EarthRoamer [...]

Ford Maverick with the Scout Tuktut Camper Shell 001

Ford Maverick Pickup and Scout Tuktut Camper

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the open road, leaving the daily grind behind, and embracing the freedom of adventure? If so, check out this combination that could make your very own truck camper. The Ford Maverick pickup truck, known for its compact size and fuel efficiency, combined with the Scout Tuktut, a lightweight truck [...]

German Couple’s Epic Overlander w Amazing Design 3

German Couple’s Epic Overlander w/ Amazing Design

Olly and Harriet are a lovely German couple who had always loved traveling during their vacations from work and wanted to use their retirement to keep seeing the world. So they purchased an amazing Mitsubishi Fuso and had it converted into an overlander dream house on wheels! The professionals who outfitted the interior did an [...]