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His Epic Military Overlander with Lift Bed & Bathroom

Apollo created this incredible Overlander in just 36 days! He worked on it in the two-car garage of the 3000+ square foot home he was renting and now has the freedom to move around since he’s never been one to stay in one place for long. He put about $105K into the build and actually just purchased a larger Overlander which he plans to convert soon.

In order to give him the most space during the day, he decided to build in an elevator bed. Underneath the bed, he has a tool chest “dresser” and a desk with two monitors to allow him to work from home. He has a great solar system and one burner in his kitchen to cook meals. Enjoy the tour!

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Incredible Former Army Vehicle Turned Tiny Home

He chose an elevator bed so he could have the most room during the day for work.

He kept the cab pretty original, but did get a more comfortable driver’s seat!

The ramp in the back allows him to bring his motorcycle out.

VIDEO: Army truck turned Tiny Home w/ bathroom, elevator bed & more


  • Apollo was renting a huge 3000+ square foot home when he started seeing more about tiny homes.
  • He decided to go to an auction and get an old military rig that would allow him to go just about anywhere.
  • He’s kept the exterior very “military,” but did make some upgrades like a Wi-Fi booster, mini-split, and a new comfortable driver’s seat.
  • There’s a bathroom made from metal to keep it lightweight and low-profile — and he even has a lock on the door to keep it from flying open when off-roading.
  • He has an office set-up with two monitors, and a tool chest has been repurposed as his dresser.
  • Most of the items in the Overlander — from his silverware to his cabinets to his speaker system — he purchased from IKEA.

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