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This is the story of Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan. He built an inexpensive tiny home on a used boat trailer using mostly reclaimed materials.

Colby was able to build a low-cost tiny home with no debt, no building plans, mainly just by using creative ideas of his own that he picked up from years in the boating industry.

Best of all, he didn’t have to break the bank to get it done. According to Colby’s Facebook, he spent $6,986.17 to build it but plans to spend a little more on improvements over time. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan Tiny Home on Wheels Built for less than $6,987.17

Captain Colbys Traveling Caravan Tiny House on Wheels 001

Images © Leanne Stephens of Tiny Houses and Beyond

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This is a family of four’s 16ft tiny home on wheels.

It’s the tiny house story of a husband and wife, their two kids (ages six and eight), and their two dogs.

They built their tiny home on wheels using as many reclaimed materials as they could find and are now preparing to go on their first journey with it from Ohio to Colorado to visit and stay with their friends for a month.

Family of Four Build 16ft Tiny House to Adventure in with their Two Dogs!

Family of Fours 16ft Tiny Home on Wheels Built with Reclaimed Barn Wood 001

Images © Margo Puffenberger

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This is a 10ft wide by 29ft long tiny home on wheels that’s for sale currently located in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area.

If you include the eaves, the house is actually 12ft wide. Inside, it offers about 275 sq. ft. of space plus an additional 150 sq. ft. of loft space.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

275 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale ($15k Price Drop!) $45 $30k

10ft Wide Tiny House on Wheels For Sale 001

Images © Austin Eschenwald

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This is the story of a couple who built a $500 micro camper in the woods on their own land in Northwestern Wisconsin.

Would you ever consider building a micro cabin like this?

If so, would you want to build it on land or on a trailer so you can tow it wherever you like and travel with it?

Interview with Couple who Built $500 Micro Cabin in the Woods on their own Land

Couples 500 Dollar Micro Cabin in the Woods 001a

Images © Alsono Sierralta

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This is a 2016 Ford Transit Connect Camper Van Conversion.

The sellers grandpa bought the van and converted it shortly after his wife passed away. He used it to travel with his dog. Now his grandson is helping him sell it because he recently built a house and no longer uses it.

Take the full tour, learn more about it below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments. Would you travel around the country in a vehicle like this?

Grandpa’s DIY 2016 Ford Transit Connect Camper Van Conversion For Sale

Grandpas Ford Transit DIY Camper Conversion For Sale 001

Images © Sam Gullett

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This is the story of Rob’s $10k tiny home. Amazingly, he built it in just one week’s time!

So here’s a quick interview with him on how he did it, why he did it, and what it’s like.

Please enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

Rob’s $10k DIY Tiny House He Built in a Week

Robs 10k DIY Tiny Home Built in Just One Week

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This is the story of a family of four (soon to be five) plus their pup who are living in a DIY school bus conversion that they call the Bussalo!

You can follow them on Instagram @theheymoonclub. Here’s what they have to say about living tiny, in a bus, as a family.

When I tell people we are living in a bus I sometimes get the response, “I would go crazy being in a small bus with my kids all day!” So would we! That’s the best part! We designed everything with being outside in mind. Our biggest draw to bus life aside from travel was that our confined living spaces would encourage us to be outside more, enjoying nature. So although I expect to have many great memories in the bus, the real goal is to make a ton of great memories outside of it!

Family of Four (Soon to be Five) Living in a DIY School Bus Conversion

Big Family Moves into DIY School Bus Conversion Tiny Home 001

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