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Zach & Leala from Big Hearts Tiny Vegans designed this unique and beautiful 24-foot long tiny house and built it from paycheque to paycheque, as well as with gifts of time and materials from family and friends.  

It cost them approximately $40,000 CAD ($31,175 USD) to build the 200-sq.-ft. house, including the cost of appliances. 

They Built The Tiny House Over Time On A Limited Budget

Big Hearts Tiny Vegans – Photo 2

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is the story of John Scarberry’s tiny house project with a 6-ft. jacuzzi tub and a custom spiral staircase.

What do you think of this tiny house build by John? Would you build a tiny house kind of like this?

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John Scarberry’s Tiny House Project with a 6-ft. Jacuzzi Tub, Under Construction!

John Scarberrys Tiny House Build with 6ft Jacuzzi Tub and Spiral Staircase 001

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This is the story of Ingrid Stanwa and how she built her very own tiny house in Australia.

With no prior experience, just a desire to make her tiny house dreams a reality, she made it happen. Here’s her story. Enjoy!

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Her DIY Tiny House, Built in Australia

Her DIY Tiny House in Australia

© Ingrid Stanway

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This is the story of Route Del Sol, an all-electric, solar-powered motorhome. This DIY motorhome build is very likely the most powerful solar-powered campervan in the world today and this is how it came to be.

Since that very first exchange with the ticket booth operator, I have grown much better at explaining just what it is I am driving. In the most technical way possible (for me) I exclaim that, this is a fully electric 2010 International EStar, it’s an ex-Pacific Gas & Electric owned cargo van converted into a DIY solar-powered electric campervan.”

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Building the world’s most powerful solar campervan

By Joel Hayes and Keegan Taccori

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This is the story of Brother Paul Wright’s teeny tiny house that was built for just around $100 over in Dothan, Alabama.

You see, Paul has been building tiny little structures like this ever since he can remember, using wood and even cardboard as a kid to build temporary forts. So now, Paul is bringing that childhood energy to this little project so that they can have a travel trailer tiny house as well as a micro guest house on their property. How cool is that? Enjoy the full story and tour below (with more photos coming soon, too, hopefully)!

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A Tiny House Built For Only $100…!

Tiny House Built For Only 100 Bucks 002

© Bro. Paul Wright

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This is a tiny house with a real bedroom. It is Matthew Ryan’s tiny home on wheels and he started building at when he was only 16 years old. We told you about that on April 6, 2020 in this post, remember? Even though he did it for less than $8,000, it still took him two years to finish! It’s a lot of hard work to build your tiny house. But in the end, you can end up with something like this, which is pretty amazing.

Everyone seems to love the way that Matthew designed and built his tiny house and I think it’s because of the way that he built-out his bedroom. It’s spacious and lives like a bedroom in an ordinary house, even though it’s a tiny house on wheels. See below…

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Photo Tour of Matt Ryan’s DIY Tiny House He Designed/Built For Under $8,000

Matt Ryans DIY Tiny House on Wheels with A Bedroom 001

Images © Matthew Ryan

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