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Round, Two-Bedroom ‘Ula’ Cottage in Kenya

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David and his wife worked on renovating the kitchen in this Kilifi round cottage so that his mother-in-law can live here in her retirement. The beautiful cottage has panoramic coastal views and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. The name “Ula” is the Celtic word for “seashell.”

The cottage is about 40 feet in diameter and two floors. There are two bedrooms upstairs, and a tennis court and garden space outdoors. Enjoy the pictures he sent!

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Round Cottage in Kilifi, Kenya w/ Panoramic Ocean Views

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 11

Images via David Percival

The kitchen counter-space straddles this lovely archway.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 10

Images via David Percival

View from the other side of the kitchen.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 9

Images via David Percival

Look how awesome that staircase is.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 7

Images via David Percival

Looking great at night.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 6

Images via David Percival

I love the modern cabinets they added.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 5

Images via David Percival

Here’s the entrance to the cottage.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi

Images via David Percival

Water collection system and a little garden!

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 2

Images via David Percival

Now those are some great views!

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 3

Images via David Percival

This is the balcony.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 13

Images via David Percival

What an idyllic spot.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 12

Images via David Percival

More gardening.

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 8

Images via David Percival

The Story:

This is a little one-bedroom cottage in Kilifi belonging to a friend.

When in Kenya we have been staying in and converting ULA cottage in Klifi, which is a rondavel with a roof space which makes it really special:
We installed the new kitchen from March to May last year, taking all the kit out of our rather upbeat flat in Nairobi, so that the cottage would have a complete kitchen. Put in clothes washing machine upstairs, and a smart TV that gets anything you want off the internet which we installed as a fiber connection with unlimited access. In the July to October visit we put in the new water supply system with a backup tank and pump, separated the electricity supply from the nearby house, and put in an inverter with new batteries (they get a lot of power outs). We are planning a final visit in March to do the last things that will have it become a bit more of a home for Pixies elderly Mum who wants to be there full time and sell the main house. There is a little to do as the main house has a garage and tennis court that go across the plot boundaries, so we need to redraw them with a surveyor and go through the process of re-division, which will be interesting in a third world country. I have already laid out the line of the new road in that is needed and where the new servants quarters need to go on the back of the garage and where the separated Cess system goes (as they are currently linked).
Amazingly Celia designed no less than 4 separate look out points around the plot, so that she could have tea in seclusion in various places with various views. The tennis court is excellent as long as you play early or late in the hot days they have there.

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Our big thanks to David for sharing! 🙏

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This post contains affiliate links.

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    Stunning views!

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    Have you ever built a Masjid /Mosque a place of worship. A square building of blocks /bricks etc. ? With two wudu stations/rest rooms etc.

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    I would like to know if this is available for rent from december the 29th to january 2nd 2022/2023??

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