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Four Years of Bus Life Retirement

Four Years of Bus Life Retirement

After an R.V. vacation, Debbie said she *never* wanted to go camping again. But when she and her husband, Jim, lost their jobs and were watching Bus Life on YouTube, she started thinking she could live in an awesome skoolie conversion. And Jim made it happen! They created a bus with a raised roof, radiant [...]

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Her Off-Grid Container Condo in Maine 6

Her Shipping Container Tiny House with a Gym

Emily was inspired by what she read in magazines about living off-grid on her own raw land and reducing her carbon footprint. She ended up buying a shipping container before she even purchased land in Maine to put it on. Thankfully it all worked out and she found her perfect spot. For the past decade, [...]

Savannah’s Babe Cave Compact Van Conversion 3

Stealthy ‘Babe Cave’ Van Conversion

Savannah had dreams on #vanlife but originally was worried about what others would think of her. Thankfully, she decided to outfit her own DIY van after realizing no one was living her life but her! The “Babe Cave” she built is gorgeous, with a full-sized bed, micro kitchen, and space for her cat and copilot, [...]

Composer’s Snug Pod Tiny House in the Cornish Valley

Composer’s Snug Pod Tiny House in the Cornish Valley

Composer Freddie Hodkin lives in  a beautiful tiny house built by North East Log Cabin, called the “Camping Snug Star Pod.” Set up in a “plus sign” shape, each arched wing functions as either the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. He has his snug pod situated on beautiful land with views of the Cornish [...]

He Built This Cabin at 17 – 5 Year Update (He has a GF Now!) 4

Five-Year Update: Built his Tiny Cabin at 17

Remember Jesse? The 17-year-old who was living in a tent (on purpose) and decided to build his own cabin from reclaimed materials? Well, it’s been five years since Florb’s last interview with Jesse, and guess what — Jesse is still living in his DIY cabin, now with girlfriend Jayne. They’ve made plenty of adjustments to [...]

Milton Hershey School Tiny House 5

Students Build THOW for Local Campground

Technical schools are such a great option for students and can give them amazing hands-on skills to take into the workplace! Milton Hershey School has their students building a tiny home for a local campground, and maybe someday these kids can build their own tiny homes. In the video below you’ll hear from some of [...]

Roger and Melissas The Custom Rustic Van Conversion by Drifter Vans 002

The Custom ‘Rustic Cabin’ Van Conversion by Drifter Vans

This is a ‘Rustic Cabin’ custom van conversion by Drifter Vans, a camper van builder out of Detroit, Michigan. The van has a kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of lounging and storage space. From the outside, it looks like a cargo van with some extra windows and an awning, but when you go inside it looks [...]

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