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Stunning Single-Level Tiny Home in Slovakia

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This beautiful modern tiny house by HomeReset features a single-floor layout that makes it friendly to plenty of guests. The futon in the living room turns into the bed at night.

There’s quite a spacious bathroom – for a tiny house – and it has a corner shower and Separette toilet. The kitchen area includes an oven and stove top as well as a mini-fridge. It’s located in Štefanová, Bratislava Region, Slovakia, and available to book on Airbnb if interested. What do you like most about this space?

  • Eco-Friendly Slovakian Tiny Home: Discover a stunning single-level tiny home in Slovakia with eco-conscious design and healthy living principles.
  • Charming Woodwork & Gardening Area: Experience minimalist living with woodwork accents, a gardening area, and natural furnishings.
  • Modern Comfort in Scenic Surroundings: Enjoy a cozy, well-equipped tiny home amidst Slovakia’s picturesque landscape, promoting relaxation and inspiration.

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Single-Level Tiny Home w/ Beautiful Woodwork

HomeReset in Slovakia 90

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

Seating for four under a pendant light.

HomeReset in Slovakia 79

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

The futon in the back becomes the bed.

HomeReset in Slovakia 676

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

White walls keep things beautiful and airy.

HomeReset in Slovakia 43

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

Everything about this kitchen is stunning.

HomeReset in Slovakia 78

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

The little red refrigerator adds a pop of color.

HomeReset in Slovakia 44

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

The French doors let in fresh air.

HomeReset in Slovakia 55

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

There’s a mini-split to keep things cool.

HomeReset in Slovakia 4

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

That’s a beautiful painting on the wall.

HomeReset in Slovakia

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

The built-in matches the kitchen cabinets.

HomeReset in Slovakia 15

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

There’s a little reading nook.

HomeReset in Slovakia 66

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

I love the little basin sink.

HomeReset in Slovakia 34

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

A Separette toilet and shower stall.

HomeReset in Slovakia 35

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

I’m loving the detail work on the ceiling!

HomeReset in Slovakia 76

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

This looks quite spacious for a tiny bathroom.

HomeReset in Slovakia 64

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

The large front porch is a great spot for a cup of coffee.

HomeReset in Slovakia 88

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana

There’s even a gardening area!

HomeReset in Slovakia 3

Images via Airbnb/Zuzana


For rent, we offer a mobile home from HomeReset, which is exceptional in meeting the principles of healthy living. The interior of the house is furnished with natural materials such as wood, cork or marmoleum and offers a real experience of staying in a space that is natural for a person and thanks to that, our body and nervous system can shut down and relax. The house has a variety of descriptions that guide guests through the principles of healthy living, so they can get inspired and bring home tips to improve their own home. Mobile home is exceptional also green vegetation roof, composting toilet, wall heating. Also surroundings in which there are many opportunities for an interesting trip. The mobile home offers you the opportunity to try out a minimalist and affordable home.


  • Single-Level Modern Tiny Home in Slovakia
  • Features a single-floor layout for easy accessibility.
  • The living room futon transforms into a bed.
  • Spacious bathroom with corner shower and Separette toilet.
  • Well-equipped kitchen area with oven, stove top, and mini-fridge.
  • Located in Štefanová, Bratislava Region, Slovakia.
  • Available to book on Airbnb.
  • Natural materials are used for interior furnishings, promoting healthy living.
  • Green vegetation roof and composting toilet for sustainability.
  • Offers principles of healthy living for guests’ inspiration.
  • Opportunity to experience minimalist and affordable living.
  • Surroundings offer various options for interesting trips and activities.
  • Features stunning woodwork and detail work on the ceiling.
  • French doors and mini-split for comfort.
  • Enjoyable front porch and green roof spaces.
  • Ideal for those interested in tiny house living or a unique getaway.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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