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100+ Year-Old Ghost Lake Log Cabin in Alberta

While the “tiny house movement” might be relatively new, the concept of small homes has been around since the beginning of time. This 100+-year-old cabin in Alberta is one of those historic tiny homes, originally built for fur trading in the area near Ghost Lake.

It’s been upgraded with electricity and modern plumbing, and a wood stove provides heat on snowy evenings. There’s a sink and toilet inside the cabin, and a shower and laundry at a nearby building. A kitchenette allows you to cook simple meals during your stay.

  • Explore a 100+ yr-old log cabin near Ghost Lake, Alberta
  • Vintage charm meets modern comfort in a historic fur trading cabin
  • Experience the Rocky Mountains’ beauty with a rustic luxury getaway

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Alberta Fur Trade Cabin Near Ghost Lake

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 15

Images via Airbnb/Mike

The cabin has held up to many years of tough weather!

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 14

Images via Airbnb/Mike

Nothing better than a woodstove to warm up a cabin.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 13

Images via Airbnb/Mike

A log bed is a perfect addition to a log cabin.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 3

Images via Airbnb/Mike

There’s a table for two with an oil lamp.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 6

Images via Airbnb/Mike

Furs on the wall pay homage to the cabin’s first days.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 8

Images via Airbnb/Mike

The kitchen has a mini fridge, hot plate and microwave.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay

Images via Airbnb/Mike

A deep farmhouse sink is a great touch.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 1

Images via Airbnb/Mike

Close up of the kitchen offerings.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 16

Images via Airbnb/Mike

I love that little buffalo check drying pad.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 12

Images via Airbnb/Mike

You can see the gorgeous views from the kitchen window.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 17

Images via Airbnb/Mike

I love the close-up on the right of the logs!

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 11

Images via Airbnb/Mike

There’s a bathroom sink and toilet in the cabin.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 9

Images via Airbnb/Mike

Barn doors hide the bathroom area.

100+ Year Old Canadian Log Cabin Stay 5

Images via Airbnb/Mike


100 Year old Log Cabin. Romantic get away at the foot of the rocky mountains. A Rustic log cabin features a double bed and double futon. Snuggle up to a warm fireplace and watch Netflix and chill. Located at Ghost Station. There is a bathroom in the cabin. Washer/Dryer and shower located in the store.

Keys will be at the front desk in the store. Laundry Showers are in the back of the store. There is a bathroom and a sink in the Cabin as well as electric heat and a wood burning fireplace. There is a BBQ outside and a hotplate, microwave inside. Dishes utensils and cleaners are under the sink. Axes are behind the bathroom in a closet.


  • Historic 100+ year-old log cabin in Alberta near Ghost Lake
  • Originally built for fur trading, now a cozy getaway
  • Upgraded with electricity, modern plumbing, wood stove for heat
  • The cabin includes sink, toilet; shower and laundry available nearby
  • Kitchenette with mini fridge, hot plate, microwave, and utensils
  • Rustic charm with log bed, wood-burning fireplace, buffalo check drying pad
  • Bathroom with sink, toilet; barn doors conceal bathroom area
  • Located at Ghost Station with scenic views of the Rocky Mountains
  • Keys available at store’s front desk; laundry and showers in store
  • Axes stored behind bathroom in a closet
  • Ideal for romantic getaways; watch Netflix by the fireplace
  • Enjoy the charm of a bygone era with modern comforts

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