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Married with His and Hers Tiny Homes

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While many married couples live in large homes with “man caves” or “she sheds,” Elisa and Ryk decided to do away with that and instead live in two tiny homes — one for her and one for him — with a beautiful outdoor living space in between them. Even paying rent for two spots in a tiny house community, they’re still saving compared to the rent they used to pay!

Her home has a bigger kitchen and his house has a dedicated office space for his work. While they sleep in Elisa’s loft bedroom, they watch movies in Ryk’s bed that has more headroom and a large TV. Since they got married later in life, they both had a lot of treasures and can decorate with them as they please in their own spaces! Would this work for you and your other half?

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Side-by-Side Tiny Homes in a Tiny House Village

This is *his* house. Love the colors!

The inside of her tiny house, with a big U-shaped kitchen.

Inside his house, there’s lots of art on display.

VIDEO: His & Hers, 2 Tiny Homes parked side by side


  • Elisa and Ryk live in two separate tiny homes, one for her and one for him, with an outdoor living space in between.
  • Despite paying rent for two spots in a tiny house community, they are saving money compared to their previous rent.
  • Elisa’s home has a larger kitchen, while Ryk’s home has a dedicated office space.
  • They sleep in Elisa’s loft bedroom and watch movies in Ryk’s bed, which has more headroom and a large TV.
  • Both of them have their own spaces to decorate with their treasures.
  • The couple’s tiny homes are located in the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village.
  • They can be followed on Instagram and YouTube through Tiny House Expedition.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Hudson
    July 7, 2023, 11:36 pm

    This may be the perfect way to be married.

  • Donna Rae
    July 11, 2023, 2:15 pm

    What a fabulous idea! We are always seeing House Hunters where they each like a different style and this solves the dilemma! Especially nice for those who marry after they have accumulated their own set of treasures. No one has to sacrifice having them on display. It also solves the problem of being together 24/7 and nowhere to have “me” time. I could easily live in her Tiny, for sure! Love the big kitchen along with the rest of the living area. His large desk suits his purposes, too! Win-win! I really do wish Tiny House Newsletter would still have a variety of photos so you can better study each area. The videos are nice for a tour but still photos allow you to linger and study how they put it all together. Much better with both. They compliment each other so please, go back to having still photos of each area. All of your efforts are so appreciated so please don’t feel like I am disparaging you at all! I’m sure there are plenty who like the videos better. I just like to analyze things caught in photos. Thanks!

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