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He Spent 26 Days and $3k Building His Teardrop Camper

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Phil, a professional woodworker, was going to archery competitions where he would camp in a tent. It was always a bit annoying setting up camp, but the nail in the coffin came the day his tent got entirely flooded by the rain at an annual event. After that, he decided to challenge himself and build a teardrop camper with his son. Because everyone kept asking, “How long will it take?” and “How much will it cost?”, he started keeping track of the man-hours and money spent. In the end, they spent 26 days (all weekends) and $3K on the project.

Most importantly, they got it done before the anniversary of the fateful annual archery event where he got rained out! The teardrop has an awesome hobbit door, a unique plexiglass window across the front, a back hatch with organized storage shelves, and an impressive outdoor kitchen set-up. What a fun father-son project!

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Father-and-Son Build Amazing Camper w/ Hobbit Door

He spent 26 days and $3k on his teardrop 7

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The Hobbit-style door was his son’s idea.

He spent 26 days and $3k on his teardrop 9

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The back hatch reveals all his kitchen goodies and electrical set-up.

He spent 26 days and $3k on his teardrop 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The little window above the cabinet was a happy accident.

He spent 26 days and $3k on his teardrop

Images via Tiny Home Tours

VIDEO: Functional DIY Teardrop Camper Built in 1 Month For $3k


  • Phil was going to archery events but got tired of setting up his tent every time. After his tent was flooded on one of his trips, he decided he was done with tent life!
  • As a challenge, he wanted to see how quickly — and for how much money — he and his son could build a teardrop.
  • They used Baltic birch plywood to create the 5×10 teardrop camper.
  • His son suggested the round door, which quickly became the most popular feature of his build.
  • The back hatch flips up to reveal his kitchen set-up and generator. He usually sets up his cooking station away from the trailer with a nifty flip-up table that has a hole cut it in for his sink bowl!
  • You’ll notice a plexiglass window across the front of the camper. That wasn’t part of the original design, but when he cut the main piece of plywood too short, he needed a way to connect finish it off.
  • In the end, they spent $3K and only 26 active days working on the build.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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