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teardrop trailers

He Turned a Vintage Volkswagen Bug into A Micro Camper! 4

He Turned a Vintage Volkswagen Bug into A Micro Camper!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day! This is a 1965 Volkswagen bug that’s been converted into a micro camper. It looks a lot like a teardrop camper shape-wise, and the interior is just large enough for a twin-sized custom mattress and a 10-inch TV. In the trunk, Sergio (the builder) included an entire [...]

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Freedom Teardrop Camper by Second Wind Trailers For Sale 003

Freedom Teardrop Trailer With Off-Road Package (For Sale)

This is a Freedom Teardrop Trailer for sale on discount by Second Wind Trailers. It’s available out of Roseville, California. The original cost for this unit is $22,370 with all of the upgrades on it, while a new one starts at $17,500. The asking price for this one, even with all of the upgrades, is [...]


Classic Teardrop Campers by Second Wind Trailers

These are hand built teardrop campers by Second Wind Trailers. I first learned about Nathan Pizzo and his custom-built teardrop campers back in 2014, when he first reached out after building his first camper on a 5×8 trailer. Fast forward to today, and he’s still building them while perfecting the process. If you’re in the [...]

12k Tiny House Camper In Georgia 001

$12k Tiny House In Georgia

This is a $12k tiny house listed for sale near Cumming, Georgia. It’s a handmade travel trailer/camper that can be used as a guest suite, Airbnb, or traveling tiny home. It includes bunk beds, a shower, kitchen, fold-down table/desk, bench seat, and it was originally built in 2015. What do you think? Don’t miss other [...]

A Frame Chalet on Wheels: Working & Traveling 2

A Frame Chalet on Wheels: Working & Traveling

Sarah is a teacher, entrepreneur and traveler. First she established a successful online school, and then she hit the road in her A-Frame Chalet she’s been living in for the past 8 months. A couple hours of work in the morning, and then she has time to explore and enjoy the rest of her day! [...]

Oregon Teardrop Trailer Camper Pop-up Elopement Wedding

Teardrop Camper Wedding Packages in Oregon

Have you ever considered a teardrop camper Weddings On Wheels packages from Oregon Teardrop Rentals? Many might not have ever thought of such a novelty, but it could be the perfect way to embrace the outdoors. Whether for you or for someone you know who may be tying the knot, it could be the perfect [...]

Coddiwomple Keywest Simplicity Itty Bitty Camper 13

12-ft. Coddiwomple Travel Cottage

Check out this itty bitty camper, called the “Keywest Simplicity,” built by Massachusetts builder, Coddiwomple. This is one of a couple of builds by Christopher Thompson and his team, and comes in at 8 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 6 feet tall. It’s reminiscent of a blend between a teardrop camper and a Hobbit [...]