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teardrop trailers

Coddiwomple Keywest Simplicity Itty Bitty Camper 13

12-ft. Coddiwomple Travel Cottage

Check out this itty bitty camper, called the “Keywest Simplicity,” built by Massachusetts builder, Coddiwomple. This is one of a couple of builds by Christopher Thompson and his team, and comes in at 8 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 6 feet tall. It’s reminiscent of a blend between a teardrop camper and a Hobbit [...]

Solo Female Living And Traveling with Teardrop Trailer Long-Term via Florb-YouTube 005

She’s Living And Traveling w/ a Teardrop Camper Long-Term

This is the story of a solo female living and traveling with a teardrop trailer for around a decade now! It all started in 2007, when she decided to hop on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with her teardrop camper (named tick tack) in tow. With the motor cycle, she would get around 30 miles per [...]

Margot the Teardrop Camper Rental in Sherwood Oregon 001a

Lightweight Aerodynamic Teardrop Camper Rental in Sherwood Oregon… Margot the Teardrop Camper

This is Margot the Teardrop Camper. She’s a lightweight and aerodynamic teardrop camper rental in Sherwood, Oregon near Portland. At just 1,200 pounds dry weight, you can probably tow it with almost any vehicle. It’s available to book starting at $60 per night by Oregon Teardrop Rentals via Outdoorsy. Have you ever tried teardrop camping [...]

Chuki Timeless Teardrop Caravan That Expands 003

Expanding Teardrop Camper by Chuki Timeless Teardrop Caravans

This is an expanding teardrop camper by Chuki Timeless Teardrop Caravans. They are a small teardrop builder in Great Britain. These classic little campers are fantastic because they are super lightweight so you can tow them with just about any vehicle. And in this case, some of these little micro-campers even expand… Sort of like [...]

Suzuki Samurai Jeep Spotted with a Rooftop Tiny House or Shed

Suzuki Samurai ‘Jeep’ w/ a Rooftop Tiny House

This is a Suzuki Samurai ‘Jeep’ w/ a rooftop tiny house! I suppose it’s sort of like a teardrop camper, only it’s built right onto the roof of the car. Please don’t miss other interesting, funky, and sometimes funny tiny homes and stories like this – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! Dually Suzuki Samurai [...]

Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camping Shell for $3k 001

Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camping Shell for $3k

This is a Georgia Bulldogs theme micro camping shell for $3,000 (sold). It’s a 5-ft x 8-ft cargo trailer to camper conversion designed for weekends and tailgating. The best part is that it’s light enough to be towed by almost any car or small SUV. Don’t miss other micro homes like this – join our [...]

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Off Road Ready TVAN Camper Trailer with Expanding Tent Kitchen and Awning 001

Tvan Camper Trailer: Off-Road Capable Micro Camper with Expanding Tent and Kitchen

This is the Tvan Camper Trailer by Track Trailer in Australia. It’s a micro travel trailer that you can tow with just about any vehicle, including off-road vehicles. Once you’re at your camping site, the rear folds out into a tent with a platform at the bottom. On one side of the camper, there’s a [...]