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teardrop trailers

Beautiful Custom Wood Teardrop Camper 001

Tiny Wood Teardrop Camper

This is a tiny wood teardrop camper that’s for sale (SOLD) out of Fort Meade, Florida. It was designed to stand alone when we needed to use our utility trailer. Each of the six legs are notched and bolted into the 4″x4″ base frame of the camper and can easily be removed to slide onto the [...]

Pika Teardrop Tiny House 001

The Pika Teardrop Camper Tiny House

This is the “Pika” teardrop camper tiny house. It’s a custom micro camper built by Jacob Wolf MacLeod that he’s offering for $6,000. Currently it’s located in Portland, Oregon but he is able to delivery it regionally if you’re interested. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Homebuilt “Pika” Teardrop Camper Micro House! (For [...]

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Moksha Designs/Builds $19k Micro Camper on Wheels (For Sale)

“Cultivating the riches of less” is the mantra of Moksha Woodwork designs, the builder of Incubate. It has a two burner Atwood cook stove, sink with gravity feed facet, four LED light sconces, large solid maple kitchen counter and maple sliding cabinet doors.  The sofa folds out into a full size bed, two large trunk [...]

Rum Runner 001 – 12

Rum Runner Wooden Teardrop by The Trailer Doc

This is the Rum Runner custom tiny teardrop trailer by The Trailer Doc. We have teamed up with an Architect and Master Woodworker to start developing custom “tiniest homes” and tiny homes here in beautiful sunny Ocala, Fl. This is the Rum Runner ser# 001 Prototype. We already have plans drawn for an 8.5w x [...]

1000 DIY Wooden Teardrop Trailer 2JPG

Wayne’s Awesome $1000 DIY Wooden Teardrop Trailer

This is Wayne’s Awesome $1000 DIY Wooden Teardrop Trailer that he built in Wisconsin. Wayne owned an old aluminum trailer he had previously built and decided to transform it into a portable bedroom that he can pull with his Corvette. Now that’s fun! It runs off solar panels. Because he had a lot of the [...]

Teardrop Trailer living – exploring alternatives 1

Couple Living in a Tab Teardrop Trailer Full-Time – VIDEO

Valerie & Jessi from Happy Camper Wives are exploring long-term travel while living full-time in a T@b Teardrop Trailer. They sold their house in San Francisco, downsized their stuff, and became minimalist nomads just over four months ago. At first, they thought they’d travel for a year and then move to Florida but after four [...]

Cosmo’s Tiny Vacation Teardrop Home on Wheels 2

Cosmo’s Tiny Vacation Teardrop Home on Wheels

This is Cosmo’s Tiny Vacation Teardrop Home on Wheels. The little Vistabule trailer has been Cosmos’ bed for 52 nights over the past year and he uses it as a “step-up” from a tent as he takes in beautiful nature views. You can watch his entire video tour below, where he explains all the amazing [...]