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Florida Family Traveling the Country in Custom Skoolie

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Back when Danny and Joy only had one child, they were hoping to make a home of their own but weren’t in a place to purchase a home in Florida where they were living at the time. So when a school bus came up for sale in their area, they decided, “Why not?”

Their skoolie has two big built-in couches that face each other, a galley kitchen, a 3/4 bathroom, and a back bedroom with a “kids’ nook” underneath the main bed. Check out the interview we did with the couple, along with a photo tour of their space, below!

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Parents, Toddler, Baby & Dog in DIY School Bus Conversion

We are a family of four (five including our pup) originally from Florida, living full time in our tiny home on wheels, a 30′ renovated school bus.

We had been renting a house for 7+ years and longed for a more simplistic way of life. We loved to travel and loved staying in tiny home AirBnBs when we could find them.

We wanted a place that we could make our own and couldn’t really afford to buy a home in our area at the time. We had a baby in 2020 and in the summer of 2021, we saw a school bus for sale in our local town. We figured we had nothing to lose – why not give it a go.

We built it with the help of some amazing friends and family. We bought the school bus in July 2021 and slowly gutted it, removing seats, flooring, etc. The rest of that year we slowly worked on it when we could find the time, and by the beginning of the next year we put it in full gear and were ready to hit the road on our first cross-country trip by May 2022.

Of course, there are little things that we’ve worked on since then, and there are things that are still yet to be completed. The same goes with any home, I think!

To make money on the road, Joy is able to work remotely part-time and while it’s nothing crazy, it’s great to have that steady stream of income. Our expenses are low, so that makes things easier!

We are both musicians and are ultimately working towards a career in music. We play shows when we can and are working on recording more music, videos, etc. to share. We’d love you to check us out! Danny + Joy

Tiny living is amazing! We truly love it so much and feel like it’s a great way of life for our daughters as well.

We pretty much only own things that we “love” and feel that the minimalist lifestyle is so good for the mind. It’s also super fun as a family!

Tiny living honestly makes most things easier for us, ha! I guess most recently – the hardest part would be – being in the same “room” all of the time.

Mostly at bedtime with the girls. We have a newborn and a three-year-old, so bedtimes were challenging to navigate when our youngest was just born. We’ve gotten our rhythm down by now though, and it’s usually a smooth process!

The best part of tiny living is being able to take our home with us wherever we go.

The simplicity of life. Less stuff – more meaning. Having the opportunity to be together as a family unit way more often than most. Spending time in nature. Less upkeep. The list goes on!

Florida Family Traveling the Country in Custom Skoolie 15

If you’re interested in it, DO IT!! Even just downsizing and only owning things that you LOVE makes life so much simpler, cleaner, and better, in our opinion.

Decluttering your life declutters your mind and leaves more room for other stuff that matters more!

Follow the family (and their music!) on Instagram @slowmovingways


  • Danny and Joy had been renting for seven years and weren’t in a place to buy a home yet, so when they saw an old school bus for sale, they decided it was time!
  • They did the build out themselves with the help of friends and family over the course of nearly a year. There are still little things to finish (aren’t there always?) but it’s largely complete.
  • Right now they live in the bus with their toddler and baby (and adorable family dog).
  • The couple are musicians, so be sure to check out their music!
  • They’ve been in the bus for over a year now and still love their life on the road.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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