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Family Tiny House Living

Couple’s Bus Conversion Built To Fit A Growing Family

Couple’s Bus Conversion Built To Fit A Growing Family

Hunter & Carly first got their taste for tiny living from traveling in an RV, but wanted something that was their own. Initially, they considered converting a van or shuttle bus, but ultimately decided if they were going to go through all the trouble of DIY-ing a home, they wanted it to work for them [...]

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Domek family tiny house by Acorn Tiny Homes 001

Domek Family Tiny House by Acorn Tiny Homes

This is the Domek family tiny house by Acorn Tiny Homes out of Toronto, Canada. The owners built and live in this tiny house with their young son and are in the business of building tiny houses for others. Domek boasts 3 lofts (2 sleeping lofts and one office space), a glass atrium above a [...]

Parents & Two Young Kids Skoolie w Epic Solar Array

Young family traveling in a school bus tiny house conversion

There’s no chance of this family being caught without power! Dad Derek got the wild idea to move his wife and two young kids into a school bus, and he pulled out all the stops with his brilliantly-designed solar system, fold-down bench seat for safe car seat travel, and large IKEA-mattress-sized bunks for his littles [...]

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They’re Expecting A Baby & Building a Bus!

They Turned a Shuttle Bus into a Family Tiny Home

Matt and Nikki were supposed to get married in 2020, but when those plans got messed up, Nikki slowly started convincing Matt that a bus conversion would be a super fun lifestyle change. At the time they were childless, but the couple just moved into the bus and are expecting a baby any day now! [...]

Parents and FOUR Young Kids Full-Time RVing 2

Parents and Four Kids Life in an RV

This family had been living in Zanzabar before COVID-19 sent them back to the United States. The family quickly fell into “typical” middle-class American life but were unsatisfied. Eventually, they decided to take a family trip, but when they found their awesome Class A RV, they ended up renovating it and traveling full-time. Wait until [...]

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Retired Military Family Moves Into an RV Full-Time 2

Retired Military Family Moves Into an RV Full-Time

Kelly and Tamarr served in the Air Force and Marine Corps, but when it was time to retire, they decided to do something different and live in an RV while homeschooling their son. It gives them the freedom to travel the continent (they were in Baja during this video tour) and grow closer as a [...]

Parents Buy Container Homes for Their Teens!.jpg 2

They Built Two Backyard Container Homes for Their Teens!

Matt and Linda used to live across the street from each other because they couldn’t find a spot large enough for their blended family. But when they found a fixer-upper with a huge backyard they saw the potential! That’s when they decided to put twin tiny homes, built by Alternative Living Spaces, in their backyard [...]

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