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Is This the Perfect Family Tiny Home 5

Is This the Perfect Off-Grid Family Tiny Home?

Just wait until you watch the video tour of this absolutely incredible DIY family tiny house. Ingeniously designed by the owners on Sketch-Up (and largely built by them, with the help of some specialists), this house features double lofts, a cozy living, a luxury bathroom, and more counter space than I’ve ever seen in a [...]

Family of 4 Sells 2600 Sq. Ft. Home for 5th Wheel Life

Home on Wheels: A Family’s 50-Day Transition to RV Living

After Brianna and Tyler went on a travel trailer vacation with their two kids, Tyler jokingly said, “I wish we could do this all the time.” Back then, he was working 12-hour days at the office and Brianna was struggling to manage her job, her kids, and taking care of a 2,600-square-foot home. So that [...]

The Cow Bus.

The Cow Bus: Family of Three Hitting the Road

Margaret was traveling to National Parks when she decided a vehicle of some kind would allow her to see all the great stuff between the parks. That’s when she rekindled romance with a summer camp crush and ended up buying The Cow Bus. Their plans changed a bit when Margaret found out they were expecting, [...]

Family Ditches Thankless Job for Full Time RV Life 25

Trading the 9-to-5 for Adventure: A Family’s Transition from Big House to Tiny RV

Like so many of the families we’ve interviewed, this family of five had the American Dream — the big house, lots of “toys” and plenty of stuff — but it came at the hefty cost of the dad working lots of hours and missing valuable time with his family. They already owned an RV and [...]

Vintage Caravan Life for Family of 5 2

Vintage Caravan Life for Family of 5

Digby and the Lullaby are a musical duo with three adorable children who all now live in a vintage caravan, traveling around South Africa. The caravan sat unused for 40+ years and was in great condition, meaning most of the interior is original (or replaced with materials from the 70s). The caravan has a kitchen, [...]

Single Dad Raising Twin Sons in a Tiny Home 4

Single Dad Raising Twin Sons in a Tiny Home

Kevin and his ex-wife originally purchased this tiny home from Tiny Heirloom, so they could travel closer to extended family with their twin boys. At the time, the boys were only 2 years old, but now they’re eight! While Kevin and the boys’ mom split up, Kevin settled the tiny house into a community in [...]

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Couple w Twin Toddlers Living in Amazing Skoolie 3

Couple with Twin Toddlers Living in Amazing Skoolie

Tal and Ori were living in Israel when they found out they were having twins. Realizing they wanted time to raise the girls and travel as a family, they sold all their belongings and came stateside to begin van life in December 2021. Eventually, the van became too small for the four of them, so [...]