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Campervan Dreams Come True: A Tour of Brown Bird and Company’s Stunning Nevis Conversion

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We’ve seen tons of van conversions, but the Nevis van conversion from Brown Bird and Company has some truly one-of-a-kind features. The L-shaped couch really stands out, and there’s a wet bath partitioning off the double bed in the back of the conversion.

Unlike most conversions, the kitchen is in the front of the van across the cab. This makes the inside of the van feel particularly wide open! We got to interview Laura, one of the three masterminds of the company, below, so don’t miss that.

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Introducing Bespoke Designer Campervans to the UK: Luxury Meets Adventure

Every detail of these vans is carefully planned.

I love the corner couch! That’s something you don’t see often.

I like the idea of having the kitchen in the front.

The mini wood-burning stove is adorable.

I like the partial privacy wall in front of the bed.

Live-edge countertops add so much character.

What do you think of the wall design?

Check out the tiny bathroom!

Finally a cozy double bed with storage.

I like the panelling.


Interview & Details:

What got you into building tiny houses?

Originally it was because we had a house rented out whilst backpacking but needed to return home due to a short-term illness and needed a home! Jacqui had always wanted to build her own campervan so with the help of YouTube built her own in 2018, and then went travelling for a few years in it. Then we got grounded due to lockdown, and we decided to build another one as a project and just kept on building whilst we were in lockdown due to demand. We realised there was a demand for designer-look handbuilt campervans and decided to expand the business.

What are your future plans for the business?

We have recently moved workshops as we needed more room to expand. We have recently also made James a partner in the business as he brings a wealth of technical expertise to our business and also has a great attention to detail. We can now pretty much say yes to anything, and have exciting plans to expand what we can do into other types of builds.

How many tiny homes have you built?

11 and we are on vans 12, 13 and 14!

Tell us about this house. What are the features?

The van we are featuring is Nevis which is one our latest builds completed. The most important features are:

– L-shaped kitchen with tons of storage and worktop space for cooking.
– Live edge oak worktop, 2 burner gas hob and sink with hot & cold tap
– Wine rack
– Anevay shepherd woodburner with wood storage underneath
– L -Shaped sofa with storage underneath
– Large shower cubicle with Bobil vans hybrid water heater and toilet
– 75 litre fresh water tank, 65 litre waste tank
– Double fixed bed with side pods to extend the width of the bed to 6ft4″
– Overhead cabinets for clothes storage
– Maxxair deluxe air vent over the kitchen and skymax vent over the bed
– Large garage area for gear storage
– Electrics: 200ah lithium battery, Victron DC to DC charger, 300 watts of solar with Victron MPPT, Victron Lynx, Victron 1200 Multiplus, mains hook up and consumer unit.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Mary McGuirk
    February 2, 2023, 5:41 pm

    love the bathroom so much!

  • Patty Puckett
    February 3, 2023, 12:24 am

    This is a stunning van conversion! Beautiful wood trim, live edge counter, wall trim, bed and bath. Great job!

    • Eric
      February 7, 2023, 11:23 am

      Live edge counter??? Where you constantly get stabbed (or worse). Yeah right… think I’d pass on this…

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