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He Converted This Box Truck into a Zen Office

Quin lives in his converted ProMaster so that he can get closer to his photography opportunities, but he’s actually on his 7th van conversion now! This box truck conversion was his latest conversion, made for a friend with some pretty lofty ideas. He wanted to levitate through the roof — and with some creative electronics — Quin made that dream come true.

The box truck was designed as a mobile office that transforms into a hotel room at night. As such, there’s a hidden potty, a compact kitchen that tucks away, and modular couches that can be moved onto the pull-out porch. It’s truly an engineering marvel. Enjoy the tour below!

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He Built This Japanese-Inspired Office Box Truck for a Friend

This Desk Lifts Through the Roof! Box Truck Conversion 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The outside of Quin’s box truck looks like an ordinary work truck, yet inside it is a wonderful zen office space. The interior is Japanese-themed, with frosted windows that glow at night, lanterns, and an abundance of soft wood tones. The main office area elevates through the roof for an exterior office overlooking the landscape.

This Desk Lifts Through the Roof! Box Truck Conversion 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The cab space is separated from the living space yet still accessible from the inside. This allows for a private sleeping area, while still being able to use the truck as an office anytime and anywhere. The 5x5ft pull-out back porch is also a great feature, as it completely disappears under the truck when not in use, further helping to keep the vehicle stealthy.

This Desk Lifts Through the Roof! Box Truck Conversion

Images via Tiny Home Tours

VIDEO: DIY Box Truck Mobile Office/Hotel Room

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  • W J Chaput
    August 26, 2022, 5:19 pm

    FUNNEST? Are you kidding? I’m guessing . . . maybe high-school, at best?
    All the rest is drab, dismal, and embarrassingly defective.
    My “craft!”
    Photography is not a craft.

    • James D.
      August 26, 2022, 6:49 pm

      Actually, photography is type of craft. Since a craft is any occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or skilled artistry.

      Sure, anyone can take a photo like anyone can hammer a nail but it takes dexterity and skilled artistry to do it well and produce something of note out of it that others can appreciate. Just anything involving art will invariably have its critics…

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