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Madelyn and Caleb’s Japanese Van Conversion

This is the story of Madelyn and Caleb and their van that they imported from Japan. They spent two months renovating it, and hit the road! It’s a 1993 Toyota van that they completely refurbished inside-out. It has a happy and vintage look to it and I think they did a really nice job of personalizing it for themselves.

So far, they’ve been on the road for over 5 months and love it! They’re traveling with their cat and are enjoying a once in a lifetime experience they will likely cherish forever. You can follow them on @patchworkcanteen on Instagram! What do you think of their bus and lifestyle? Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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Couple Import Toyota Van From Japan, Spend 2 Months Converting It, And Have Been Living/Traveling In It For Over 5 Months

If you’re wondering, it’s a 1992 Toyota imported from Japan. It even drives from the right side.

This is Madelyn, and she’s pretty excited to show you their van conversion!

They’ve decorated it pretty nicely. And they continue to add little things here and there to it that they pick up from their travels, specifically, patches. 🙂

Video: Creative Couple Minimize Their Lives And Move Into Japanese Imported Camper Van Conversion

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  • Paul Larsen
    March 16, 2020, 9:29 pm

    Very nice set up and efficient use of space . Love the sink and cooler set up. The electric stuff is really done good too, Do you use solar panels to charge the battery? As one who likes to travel and camp in a small truck camper I can really appreciate the efficient use of space. Where did you get the box for toiletries shown at around 8 :40 in your video? That would be another great addition for the truck camper. Keep on travelling!!

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