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Czech Couple’s Tiny Home is Too Big for Them!

The beautiful home below was built at first for a small family, but was later purchased by Patrick and Lenka, who serendipitously came across it while Patrick was purchasing some books from the original owners. Because of the family-style build, Patrick and Lenka find that the home is bigger than they need — even at only 367 square feet!

The L-shaped kitchen has a generous amount of counter space, as well as an oven and a larger apartment-sized refrigerator. On the other hand, the bathroom is quite compact, but Lenka thinks that’s perfect. The living room has a large couch, some extra stools and a hanging chair, so they can welcome friends for game night. Enjoy a tour of their home below!

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Their 367 sq. ft. Home in New Zealand

Czech Couple’s Tiny Home is Too Big for Them!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

Looking out from the kitchen at the living room.

Czech Couple’s Tiny Home is Too Big for Them! 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

You can see the “flex room” beyond the bathroom.

Czech Couple’s Tiny Home is Too Big for Them! 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The loft is so spacious, and they have storage to spare!

Czech Couple’s Tiny Home is Too Big for Them! 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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  • Patrick and Lenka are Czech and moved to New Zealand. They met the family that lived in this tiny home when Patrick went to purchase some books. Some time later, that family was moving and they offered to sell the house to Patrick and Lenka. The rest is history!
  • The home has a large L-shaped kitchen with plenty of countertop space and storage for food. The family-sized fridge is too big for the couple, so it often sits empty.
  • A room off the kitchen had been a kids’ room, but now it’s their closet, houses their chest freezer, and can be a guest room when needed.
  • They put a wood stove in the living room, where they like to play board games with friends.
  • The loft is very spacious, and used to house all the family’s clothes alongside the bed. Now it’s wide open, since the couple can fit their clothing in the storage below.

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