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Her Amazing, One-of-a-Kind Mermaid Cottage

There’s nothing better than a completely one-of-a-kind build, and that’s what KimAnna’s DIY Mermaid Cottage is! The cordwood-and-glass-bottle cabin is whimsical and eclectic — despite the seaside name, it’s sitting in the High Desert miles and miles from any ocean! That said, the bathroom and shower in the cabin will transport you to the beach [...]

DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm 3

DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm

Some years ago, David was inspired to build his own tiny house — and he did! He moved it across the country, met Erin, and the couple moved it back across the country to start their own market farm operation selling organic vegetables and mushrooms. The initial cost of the house was about $30,000, and [...]

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From NYC to Building Their Own Debt-Free Tiny Home

Tim and Erica were living in a New York City apartment, but finding a simpler, more sustainable way of life really inspired them to take the plunge into building their own debt-free tiny home. Both artists, this house has all kinds of beautiful aesthetic choices to make it really theirs. Even though it took 2.5 [...]


Family of 3 in Off-Grid Tiny Home

Lee and Payam from Instead Tiny Homes built this off-grid tiny home for Lee’s family. It was a prototype for the off-grid homes they now sell, but it’s also Lee’s full-time residence. Lee, his wife Rebecca, and their son, Max, rent the property where their homestead sits from a friend. The Scandinavian-inspired tiny house features [...]

Their Dream Tiny & Homestead, Barbare, in France 16

Their Off-grid Homestead Tiny House in France

Mégane and Cédric purchased their tiny home about two years ago and have it situated on one of the most idyllic pieces of property in France! Whether the land is snow-covered or dappled with wildflowers, it looks absolutely magical. They are growing fruit trees and bushes and have a lovely garden and chickens as well. [...]


He built a Tiny House at age 24 and Updating it at 30

We all grow and change, and unsurprisingly, the first tiny house Richard ever built has needed some updates as the years rolled by. He lived in the THOW for about 18 months after building it, and then had it on Airbnb for about 4 years as he traveled cross-country in a micro tiny house! When [...]

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He Built This Cabin at 17 – 5 Year Update (He has a GF Now!) 4

Five-Year Update: Built his Tiny Cabin at 17

Remember Jesse? The 17-year-old who was living in a tent (on purpose) and decided to build his own cabin from reclaimed materials? Well, it’s been five years since Florb’s last interview with Jesse, and guess what — Jesse is still living in his DIY cabin, now with girlfriend Jayne. They’ve made plenty of adjustments to [...]