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Like so many of the families we’ve interviewed, this family of five had the American Dream — the big house, lots of “toys” and plenty of stuff — but it came at the hefty cost of the dad working lots of hours and missing valuable time with his family. They already owned an RV and decided it was time to switch things up!

Once they were living in it full-time, they decided to upgrade their RV to something a bit more spacious, but now that they are used to life on the road, they realize they don’t even need the space they have! Enjoy the photo tour and hear from Mom, Lauren, about their tiny life below.

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They Sold Their Big House For Family Time

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It’s always good news for the Tiny House Movement when a new village opens up! We’re excited to introduce you to MarLin Village in Bayfeild, Colorado, which has 15 spots for certified tiny homes available now.

There are thirteen 25×40 spaces and two 25×35 spaces that include 30 amp, and 50 amp plug-in connectors, along with a 20 amp outlet.  The spaces are $650.00 per month with a minimum one-year lease. Tenants pay for their own electricity and high-speed internet and need residential toilets in their tiny homes. You can learn more and apply for a spot here.

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15 Tiny House Spots in Beautiful New Village

MarLin Village tiny homes village 4

Images via MarLin Village

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Stefanie Mortenson purchased her One XL unit in The Oaks Tiny House Community in Tampa, Florida sight unseen! She had loved the video tour she watched and snatched up this unit as soon as  it went for presale back in March.

She moved into the spot in May after living just outside of DC for 25 years. Despite having less square footage now in her tiny home than she did in her apartment, she feels likes its more spacious because it’s so well-designed. Check out the rest of her interview with INSIDER here.

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Feels Like More Space Than An Apartment!

ESCAPE One Unite for woman 4


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Shelby and her husband decided to downsize into a tiny home after the frustration of paying for a hefty mortgage on their home. Living in a tiny house community in California has allowed them to reduce their payments and enjoy more time not working!

The house was a floor plan from Shaye’s Tiny Homes (in Australia) that was built by Tiny Topanga stateside. It’s an amazing design that allows for a stand-up loft bedroom and custom office space. What do you think?

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The Hazel Design Built By Tiny Topanga

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Melanie is a National Spokesperson for the Tiny House Alliance USA, and the author of “Trailblazing Tiny: A Guide to Breaking Free.” She and her husband live — legally — in a tiny house on wheels that sits on an acre homestead.

They built their 144 sq. ft. tiny house in just seven days with the help of three other people at an Incredible Tiny House workshop back in 2018. Now they are enjoying a peaceful life outside the rat race — raising chickens, growing veggies, and spending less than $300/month on a land mortgage and utilities! We got to interview Melanie about her tiny life below, so be sure to read that after the photo tour.

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144 sq. ft. Fully Legal Tiny House & Homestead

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Digital Project Manager, Stace, lives in a gorgeous 24×10 tiny house in a (undisclosed) tiny house village in Canada. She had her home professionally built by a company she doesn’t recommend to others, and finished a lot of the interior herself once the home was delivered.

Her home includes high ceilings in her kitchen and bathroom, and a cozy living room space that doubles as her office (and triples as a guest room). She had a ladder to her loft bedroom, which is snug, but comfortable. Enjoy her tour below and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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Stunning Green Tiles in Her Custom Tiny Home

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When Jess and her husband were dating, they immediately agreed that someday they wanted to live on a narrowboat. After saving up for more than 2 years, and spending 3 months on renovations, that dream has come true! They have been living on the water in Whiltshire for about a year and will soon move to Oxford and live on the Thames.

What’s your favorite part of their renovation? Could you live on a narrowboat?

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Living on the Thames in a Floating Home

They Spent 3 Months Renovating Their Narrowboat Home 7

Images © Jess Brown

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Do you love travel AND being at home? Alex and Megan had experience with international travel and outdoor exploration, but also love being home — so they decided to bring their home with them as they explore the world.

Megan had already built out a van when she met Alex, and since he converts vans as a side gig, the interior got an overhaul. At a “normal” van height, they had to get creative to make a functional space that they can’t stand up in — and the results are gorgeous! Read our Q&A with them after the photo tour below.

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Homebodies Hit the Road in Self-Converted Vans

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Nicole and her family lost their 2,000 sq. ft. home in California in a fire. When they found out they were $500K underinsured, they decided to pivot and purchase three tiny homes instead of rebuilding. They get to stay on their land and have adjusted well to tiny living.

Her two older sons use the 250 sq. ft. homes when they are around, and otherwise, the homes are used as a big living room and an office. Enjoy the photo tour and make sure to read our Q&A with Nicole!

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They Rebuilt With Three ESCAPE Tiny Homes

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