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Tiny house living isn’t always forever, but it’s often a wonderful chapter for individuals, couples, and families looking to save money. That was the case with the Krebs, who transformed an old shed into a gorgeous farmhouse tiny home and lived in it for a year and a half while renovating their forever home. We interviewed them right at the beginning of their tiny life, and now we are back with an update!

The family has plans to put their shed-to-tiny home on Airbnb (a great source of passive income) and live in their “big house” with their two girls. Enjoy the photos and interview with Katy below, and then stick around for the video tour from February 2022.

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Soon-to-Be-Airbnb Now That Their Big Home is Complete!

1.5 Years in their $16K Shed to Tiny Home

Images via @katykrebshome

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DrAntonika was no stranger to tiny living when the opportunity to buy this home with her parents presented itself. Working as a healer/naturopath on yachts meant that she was often living out of a couple of suitcases in a small room. But when she and her traveling parents needed a place to ride out lockdowns, a tiny home in this Texas community seemed like a great option.

She and her parents split time between work and being home in this beautiful 399 sq. ft. tiny house that has a huge kitchen, removable deck, and downstairs bedroom. She can grow herbs out on her porch and has space for her air fryer and smoothie maker. What do you think of this tiny house and community?

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Wellness, Community, and Park Model Living in Texas

Splitting Her Time Between Tiny House Living & Working on Yacths 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Nikki, a special education teacher in Austin, lives with her three dogs in a gorgeous 43-foot gooseneck tiny house built by Nomad Tiny Homes. She designed the layout, which includes a loft bedroom and gooseneck bedroom, galley kitchen, and an office space.

Throughout her video tour, Nikki is honest about what works and what doesn’t in her tiny house! Some things she thought she’d love (her microwave/oven combo) she really doesn’t, and there are challenges like the lack of counterspace in the bathroom. And that office? She discovered she uses it primarily for crafting or other things, but not as much for work.

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Nikki Keeps It Real: Honest Tour of Tiny House Living!

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Jake & Kiva started building their 20-foot long tiny house in 2014 and they’ve been living in it full-time with their cat and dog for 4 years now!

They came up with some brilliant solutions and designs to maximize the small space and make it as functional as possible, and the build cost $36K CAD.

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Jake & Kiva’s 20-ft. Self-Built Tiny Home

Tiny Nest Tiny House Outside - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Ariel has been living off-grid in her 170-sq.-ft. tiny house for over six years. She grows and preserves much of her own food right on the land, which is over 6000 feet above sea level.

She generates her own solar power, carries her own water, cuts her own firewood, observes wildlife, and works part-time on the ranch in exchange for her tiny house parking spot on the land.

Ever wonder what it would be like living tiny and off-the-grid? Take a dive into her life below to learn more thanks to Ariel (Fy Nyth) and Mat & Danielle of Exploring Alternatives. Would you ever consider building a lifestyle like this? Why or why not?

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Ariel’s Off-Grid Tiny House Lifestyle

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Luwan was dealt a bad hand, but she didn’t let that get her down. After a tough divorce, she chose to start over in her very own tiny house, built by Indigo River Tiny Homes. The house was tailored to her needs and wants, and the resulting 35 foot built is incredible.

She lives with her three dogs, and her home makes certain they have all they need. I love her bedroom loft, which allows her to stand upright on two sides of the bed. The builder even installed a fold-out stool to help her get in and out of her cushy bed.

The kitchen has a stunning L-shaped counter with a huge sink and all the amenities you’d need minus a dishwasher. And her bathroom includes a washer/dryer combo and a gorgeous shower stall. Be sure to watch the full interview with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Luwan’s Bright Indigo River Tiny Home

Luwan’s Bright Indigo River Tiny Home

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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UPDATE: Just popping back in here to update this post with an awesome video tour from Tiny Home Tours of Will & Devan’s home, including details on how tiny life has been treating them since we last talked to them. Watch it below!


After purging plenty and donating some 20 bags of clothing, Will & Devan were ready to move into their tiny house, crafted for them by Liberation Tiny Homes.

The lovely house features two lofts with a split storage staircase, a breathtaking custom kitchen, and a bathroom with a huge 5-foot walk in shower and a flush toilet.

While the couple has only been living tiny now for just over a month, they’re loving the home they designed and are ready for their tiny adventure. We got to do a Q&A with the couple which you can read after the photo tour!

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New Hampshire Tiny Living in Will & Devan’s Liberation Tiny Home

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Natalie and Lucas have lived in tents as wilderness guides, rented small spaces and cabins, and even lived in a 29-foot sailboat while building their tiny house! Now they’re proud owners of their off-grid THOW, which they’ve lived in for 4 years.

First they parked in Northern Wisconsin on a friend’s land, and now they rent from a couple in Oregon they met via Facebook. Their home doesn’t have running water, but they do have a great solar system set up for electricity.

Many of the materials in their home were reclaimed from places that have significance to the couple, and all in all they spent about $30,000 on their tiny home. We got to do an interview with Natalie (@nataliejacksonwellness on Instagram) which you can read after the photo tour of their beautiful home.

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Their $30K DIY Tiny Home in Oregon

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Cally and Luke bought a Red Gum tiny house on wheels from Treehab in Australia, which gave them the financial freedom of no mortgage, while also allowing them to have a home before they were ready to settle down in one place!

The couple moved into the tiny house in early 2020, and have been making it theirs, adding shelving and decoration, and making it fit with their lifestyle.

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A Home without Roots (In Australia) for Cally & Luke!

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