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When Chris and Malissa Tack built their 140-square foot tiny home on wheels three years ago, blogs and resources on the subject were few and far between. At the time, they only knew of one couple building a tiny house – most were single individuals. Some people aren’t sure they could share a small space with another person, but Chris and Malissa have made it work, and even enjoyed the way it’s shaped their relationship.

They both need to spend significant time at home – Malissa works from home full-time, and Chris does freelance photography and videography in his spare time. They both know their way around little house design, having created two sets of plans for tiny homes and a wide variety of 3-D renderings of small space layouts. They found they needed to make a few adjustments to their behavior and to their original space design to make it work as a live/work/work space for two people, but now they don’t feel constrained by their home’s size.

Chris and Malissa Tack

Chris and Malissa Tack in the tiny home they share.

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Right now I wanted to let you know about Paul’s tiny house for sale. (SOLD) It’s a Wildflower tiny cabin on wheels that he bought a few years back from Tiny Green Cabins (Update: Page no longer found) and has been living in it for the last two years or so.

He doesn’t really want to sell it but the situation is that his parents are getting elderly so he’ll be assuming the mortgage of his parents home and moving to Seattle after many years in Boston.

And there’s no room for the tiny house on the small city lot where his parents are. Since he has nowhere to park it or keep it, he’s selling it and using the money for the move.

It’s built using welded steel instead of wood framing. The price also includes a Dickinson marine fireplace, two 30lb propane tanks, one 20lb propane tank, a metal tank cabinet, and more (see below).

Paul’s Tiny House For Sale Near Boston


Images © Paul Monaci

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If you like the idea of living in a tiny house but would rather have a hot tub tiny cabin on a trailer… Then you probably won’t be able to get this tiny house company out of your head because it has just that (see below).

Unfortunately, this is not available in the United States right now because they’re still just a small company in Warwickshire, England. And they specialize in designing and building these tiny cabin units for the growing glamping market. What do you think? Would you ever consider building something like this for yourself?

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Tiny Cabin on Trailer with Outdoor Hot Tub Built-In

See the rest and be amazed below:

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According to the Huffington Post Kayla Feenstra is a landscaper who’s found a way to live better without a mortgage.

She designed and built the home of her dreams. It just happens to be a mortgage-free tiny home of just 130 square feet.

It’s been nicknamed, “Jack in a Box.” And she built it for just $15,000 and two months of labor. It was built right onto a trailer.

So if she ever wants to move she can simply tow and go. Especially since she doesn’t own her own land.

Woman Builds Mortgage-free Life with 130 Sq. Ft. Home

© Kayla Feenstra

© Kayla Feenstra

Learn more below:

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I’ve been wanting to show you Tony’s tiny house by Hornby Island Caravans for a while.

The bath house is separate (you can see it to the left) which has a:

  • composting toilet,
  • washer/dryer
  • and storage inside.

How’d you like living in a simple little cabin on wheels like this?

Tony’s Caravan Tiny House

Enjoy the rest of this awesome tiny house by Hornby Island Caravans (and watch the video tour, too) below:

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I think you’ll like this Vagabode tiny house built by a young couple.

It’s a 175 sq. ft. micro home built right onto a utility trailer.

They designed and built it for full time living to simplify their lives and reduce their impact.

With no prior building experience, they set on a journey to build it. And they did it.

Updated January 3, 2019

Debt-free Vagabode Tiny House on Wheels Built Using Structurally Insulated Panels

Debt-free Vagabode Tiny House on Wheels Built Using Structurally Insulated Panels

Images © Vagabode

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I thought I would share this tiny house tour with you from Slabtown Customs.

Scott Stewart (owner of the company and designer/builder) gives you a complete tour of their Flipped Loft tiny home while it’s furnished and being lived in.

I know that you probably like to see examples of tiny houses being lived in and you’ll love this because it’s a tiny home for a family of four!

That means… Yes… There’s even a kids room in here!

I encourage you to learn more about this house and how you might be able to get one or build one yourself below if you want to:

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Back in 2011, I showed you SignaTours teardrop campers, but did you know that they also build tiny houses? This is “Our Little Secret on St. George Island,” a tiny house vacation by the sea in Florida!

It’s 8′ x 24′ so approximately 192 square feet of space without including the sleeping loft.

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Tiny Beach Cottage with Removable Covered Front Porch


Images: Signatour Tiny Houses

The front porch accessories are all completely removable. They’re installed over the hitch so they also help conceal it so that it looks more permanent. Let me take you on in so you can see the rest of this tiny cottage on wheels below:

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If you’ve been discouraged by tiny house prices lately think again. Macy Miller of Mini Motives was able to design and build her own DIY tiny house for just $11,000.

And now… she’s offering the plans so if you want, you can build one just like it. More information on that below. The 196 sq. ft. mobile micro home is simple, beautiful, functional, and best of all… No mortgage.

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She Built A Debt-FREE Tiny House for $11k

She Built Her 196 Sq. Ft. Tiny House for $11k

But it wasn’t that easy… I encourage you to continue reading and touring her tiny house below to learn more about how she did it:

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