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For $38,000, this beautiful off-grid THOW could be yours! Sitting on a 20-foot trailer, the interior has a lovely natural feel and a super-neat pull-out bed/sofa to give you a ground-floor sleeping area.

The kitchen is set up a bit, and has a breakfast bar and farmhouse sink. On the other side of the home is the loft bedroom and the bathroom with plenty of closet and shelving space.

It’s situated in Buffalo, NY, and can be delivered within the Northeast/Tri-State area. Contact the seller (Jack) here!

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Off-Grid Tiny House With Unique Pull-Under Bed Design

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This lovely DIY 18′ tiny house was built about three years ago and provided a happy home to a couple who is now looking to sell it. The interior has a quaint cottagey style and all the amenities you need.

You’ll find a small living/dining area when you first walk in, next to the kitchen that features tons of built-in storage including a pull-out pantry.  A stovetop and microwave let you cook, and there’s plumbing for a washer.

In the bathroom there’s a composting toilet as well as plumbing for a shower (now unfinished). The home is for sale for $27,500 near Nevada. You can contact the seller here.

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This 18′ Tiny House is a Great Starter THOW!

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Colby and Aria used to be vanlifers, but are now proud owners of more than 14 acres of woodlands in Vermont, as well as their very own DIY tiny home that’s entirely off-grid (they even get water from their stream).

Their 360 square foot home is heated by wood they cut themselves, and they have an awesome solar array that keeps their home powered. The interior of the THOW feels like a cozy log cabin, and they dedicated a whole 15 feet of the house for their living area.

Aria teaches and Colby is a wedding photographer (@anamericanroadstory), plus they rent space on their land for campers via Hipcamp. We got to interview Colby about the build, their choice to buy land, and what they love about tiny life. Check it out at the end of the post!

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Former Vanlifers Put Down Roots in Vermont Tiny House on Wheels

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Kenton Zerbin ditched his 9-5 as a teacher to build his very own debt-free, off-grid tiny house on wheels! Now he grows his own food, composts in his little home, and travels the world teaching others about how to successfully go tiny. And he has in-person Canadian workshops coming up, as well as an online workshop you can purchase any time!

These workshops are designed to give you all the information you need to plan your very own tiny house (and build it!) without making costly mistakes. You’ll learn about heating and cooling your tiny, about plumbing options, tiny house legality, and where to park your tiny! Both the in-person and online workshops cover similar topics, but obviously the in-person ones will give you a special connection to Kenton and other tiny-homers!

He has Canadian in-person workshops coming up in October, and you can purchase the online workshop right now here! Keep reading to see a photo tour of Kenton’s very own THOW!

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Learn All You Need to Know about THOWs at this Workshop!

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Get off-grid and disconnect from wi-fi and the hustle and bustle in this DIY eco-cabin in Blanco, Texas. The home sits on 40 acres of land and was designed and built by the couple renting it out — they have their own eco-cabin just 200 ft. from their rental.

You’ll find a 1,500-gallon rainwater collection tank that provides drinking and shower water, a solar system to provide power, and more. There’s a screened-in porch for a lovely cup of morning coffee, and you can climb up to the sky deck to watch transfixing sunsets and sunrises! Book your stay over at Airbnb!

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Off-Grid Eco Cabin You Can Vacation In!

DIY Off-Grid Eco Cabin Getaway 021

Images via Airbnb

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This is one couple’s DIY Tiny House in Ecuador! James is from Ireland and built the home with his Polish partner, Monika.

The two are in living tiny in Ireland right now after spending five and a half months on their Ecuadorian home. There’s more to do when they return, but in the meantime, enjoy James’ build story and our interview with him:

It was built from mid-September 2016 to mid-February 2017. It essentially started out as a truck trailer, these types of trailers are quite common in Ecuador. Once the trailer was purchased we essentially just built a little house around it.

Neither of us had really done anything like this before, and I have never worked in a trade or anything so it was quite an undertaking for us, especially in the quite short time we had available to us. We had to get some hired help for a few weeks to speed up the process, but we did a lot of the work ourselves, including the furniture and loft.

It’s quite basic compared to some of the Tiny Houses out there, but needless to say we are very proud of it. Unfortunately we had to leave Ecuador just as it was completed (a friend is living in it at the moment) but we plan to make it back in the near future.

We use Eucalyptus wood for most of the construction, with some Pine in the roof structure to keep the weight down. Bamboo was used on the inside of the roof, and the walls are insulated with foam and covered in wooden board. It’s quite spacious inside.

Also I like to think that someone who has never built something or perhaps doesn’t have building skills per se, could look at our house and say ‘Hey I could do that!’. We built the house for $6500.

The rest of the interview is below the picture tour of the home’s construction. Enjoy!

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One Couple’s $6,500 DIY Tiny House

Couple's DIY Tiny House in Ecuador: $6,500 to Build

Images via James McSherry

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This is Hannah’s Tiny House which she built in six months with the help of her dad, Mike.

Hannah attends college away from home, but was ready to move out of her dorm situation. However, her off-campus options kept falling through:

We joked around about building a tiny house, but the more we joked, the more serious the actual plan became and lo and behold we decided to take the plunge.

Read more about their journey below!

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Hannah’s Tiny House: A Father-Daughter Project

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This is Erin and Dondi’s 181 sq. ft. off-grid, solar powered tiny house on wheels in Ithaca, New York.

When you go inside, you’ll find a kitchen, two workstations, a living area, a staircase with storage, a sleeping loft, and a bathroom. From the outside, you’ll notice this tiny home has a tiny covered front porch, roof-mounted solar panels, and a loft with dormers.

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Couple’s Custom Off-Grid Solar Tiny Home… It Even Has Two Workstations!

Couple's Off-Grid Solar Tiny House on Wheels

Images © erinanddondi

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This is an off-grid, solar-powered tiny house on wheels for sale in Asheville, NC. Price is $23,000. More details and photos are below.

I am graduating and moving cross-country and am looking for a good new owner for my tiny house!

Solar energy, solar refrigerator, powerful propane heater, king sized sleeping loft with skylight (with blinds), storage bench and fold-out desk/dining table, rainwater collection barrel, and composting toilet. New construction (built in 2014).

Price is $23,000.

Off-Grid Solar Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Asheville, NC

Cheries Off Grid THOW For Sale in Asheville 001

Images © Laila Ann

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