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Michael and Phoebe bought a lot on a Canadian island about three years ago and then spent a year building their 13×8 off-grid cabin, outdoor shower, rainwater catchment system, and gardens. Their island is only accessible via boat, and they live there with their adorable dog, Zephyr.

The cabin’s cladding comes from milled cedar from their property, and they heat it with a cozy corner wood-burning stove. Inside you’ll find a living and kitchen area on the ground floor, and then they have a sleeping loft and bookshelf. While they’d live tiny forever, they are going to start construction on a sub-700-square-foot home in order to be in compliance with local regulations. Enjoy their introduction and photo tour below!

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104 Sq. Ft. Cabin with Battery Bank & Rainwater Catchment

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I really love Laxmi and Alby’s story, because it’s a great lesson to the tiny house movement: Tiny Living looks different for everyone, and can manifest itself in many different ways.

The couple lived the amazing van-life for a couple of years, traveling to 15 different countries and parking in all kinds of gorgeous places. While living that small was awesome, they eventually wanted to settle down a bit and found a tiny off-grid rental in the Spanish countryside. Now they teach yoga locally and live the little life with roots.

Renting a small space in nature means they don’t need high-paying jobs and they can live minimalist lives while still calling just one place home. We got to do a Q&A with the couple which you can find after the pictures of their off-grid home and a couple of their former van.

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Van-Life to Renting Off-Grid Stone Cottage

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I was just contacted by Lauren Gagliardi, a researcher for RAW, which is a UK-based production company working on a television show based on families living off-grid.

They’re the same people behind Discovery’s Gold Rush. Here’s what she shared with me to pass along to you, in case you’re interested…

The basic premise of the show is to meet families who are living off-grid and having some difficulties adjusting. The families may have recently moved off-grid or have particular difficulties in the winter season. An expert will go and meet the families and advise on how to solve their biggest off-grid problems before the winter season approaches.

Casting Call for Off-Grid Living TV Show

RAW Off Grid Living TV Show Casting

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