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Sure you could stay in a hobbit hole, but about a vacation in the Shire? This little Hobbit Village in Tennessee sits at Forest Gully Farms and includes three hobbit holes which you can rent all at once! Two of the holes contain beds, and the third is a dry kitchen and dining area to gather.

The homes are part of a permaculture farm, where you can collect berries and chicken eggs and roam 15 acres of beautiful land! There’s even a kid-sized hobbit playhouse on the grounds. Close to the huts you’ll find a bath house with two bathrooms and a laundry room.

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Gully Huts on 15 Acre Permaculture Farm

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This couple had a dream to be debt-free AND mortgage-free in their thirties, so they left the suburbs of Houston, bought 7 acres of undeveloped land in central Texas, and built their home out of a shed!

While the 16 x 48 structure definitely isn’t tiny for two people, they also have 4 children. So this family of 6 lives in 768 square feet!

The home features a grand open kitchen area and living room, with two bedroom lofts for the kids, and a ground-floor master bedroom. They also have two bathrooms — one full bath that’s finished and a second en-suite bathroom that currently just has the toilet working.

Outdoors they have a small working homestead complete with chickens, pigs, rabbits and a garden. The home and homestead is still a work-in-progress, but what Beau and Kelly show us is that you don’t need an Instagram-perfect tiny house right off the get-go! They add and fix and improve as they have the resources to do so.

The Shed to House conversion itself cost just under $60,000. They spent an additional $35,000 on clearing land, adding their decks, and getting water and electricity to the property. Download their full expense report here.

Their YouTube channel has tons of videos I’m sure you’ll love, but I posted their Shed to House Tour down below to get you started.

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Mortgage-Free Homestead in Central Texas

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This new model  — The Homestead — from Utopian Villas is a perfect size between small home and tiny home. With 400 sq. ft. of living space on the first floor and another 191 sq. ft. in the loft (plus a 120 sq. ft. deck) you get room to spread out without a huge footprint!

It comes in three different style designs: The Modern Farmhouse, Modern, and Rustic. Each one is designed to fit your preferences. You’ll get an amazing ground-floor master bedroom (with space for a king!) as well as a loft that can be divided into two separate bedrooms if you so choose.

Check out the renderings and floor plan below, and be sure to watch the video walk-through!

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The Homestead by Utopian Villas: Home Sweet Homestead

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This is the Tin Can Airstream. It’s a beautiful vintage Airstream that has been remodeled with a Scandinavian style.

It’s an Airstream travel trailer turned tiny home on a homestead.

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The Tin Can Airstream Tiny House Homestead

The Tin Can Airstream Tiny House Homestead

Images © Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom via Apartment Therapy

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This is the story of a family who built a tiny house on their homestead!

They’re located in Northern Washington and are now offering their tiny house as a rental for those who are also interested in tiny house living and homesteading.

Take the full tour below and let us know what you think in the comments. You can also book this tiny house for rent using Airbnb.

Family’s Beautiful Tiny Home on Wheels on their Homestead in Northern Washington

Familys Beautiful Tiny Home on Wheels on their Homestead in Northern Washington 001

Images via YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

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Remember Jay and Kim Merrett? They’re the couple who built a 240 sq. ft. steel-framed tiny house in the woods, remember? You may also recall when they shared photos of their tiny home decorated for Christmas!

Well, today, we’ve got an update from Jay and Kim and I’m happy to be sharing that with you. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live tiny on your own land, and the costs associated, I think you’ll love this story/update! So I’m going to “pass the mic” to Jay & Kim. Enjoy!

Jay & Kim’s DIY Tiny Cabin & Homestead in Texas (Plus How Much It Costs Them To Live This Way)

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These are two tiny cabins on a homestead for sale, with land, near Ithaca, New York.

The cabins and land are for sale for $65,000.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below!

Two Tiny Cabins with Land for Sale in Upstate NY


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This is a beautiful 720 sq. ft. artist’s wonder cabin.

It’s amazing inside-out with custom finishes, artwork, and furniture.

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720 Sq. Ft. Artist’s Garden Cabin

720 Sq. Ft. Garden Cabin 001

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This is the story of one family of four’s off-the-grid homestead in Pittsboro, North Carolina that includes three twelve by twelve tiny cabins with no electricity and no plumbing.

On the outside, the three cabins share the same rustic feel. One is thin, but has a tall and “long” roof that hangs over a smaller patio area. Inside you’ll find beautiful cabinets and some tricky-looking steps that save space. A rainwater catchment system provides the family with fresh water. The second cabin shares the same roof line, and the third has no patio and a whole bay of windows on three sides.

The family has chickens, fields, a garden and even an old-fashioned water pump. In addition to their tiny life, they build affordable and green caskets. Watch the video below to get a taste of their life, and follow the links in the resources below to learn more about them. Thank you!

Family’s Off-Grid Tiny House Life

Family's Off-Grid Tiny House Life 001

Images © Donald Byrne

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