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Anne stumbled across this gorgeous lot of land in New Zealand with ocean views on one end and gorgeous bush views on the other end. When she bought it, all it had was a garage and a small utility shed. Instead of choosing to build a larger home closer to the road, she decided to make the garage into her home and put a deck off the back with private views of the landscape behind her!

Eventually, she built some small cottages on the front of the property, which she rents out on Airbnb. That helps her pay the bills and make great use of the property she has. Just wait until you see her eclectic/shabby-chic cottage design!

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Adorable Shabby Chic Garage Conversion

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Nan got in touch with us to show off her awesome 20×24 storage building that she was able to transform into a tiny house rental with the help of a family friend “jack of all trades.”

She said the majority of the $50K spent on the conversion went to installing a new water system and retaining wall, but regardless, the results are stunning! The interior has one bedroom and it all has a beautiful modern farmhouse feel. Check it out below.

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She Made this Storage Unit into a Tiny House Rental

20 x 24 sq ft storage building turned tiny home for $50K 13

Images via Nan Woodson

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David and his wife have been building a small home in Kenya, but just before the pandemic hit they were in the process of selling their country home in France and renting out their townhome, leaving them with nowhere to stay! So they took the space above their garage and created a 300 square foot tiny house. They were able to move in just 2 days before France locked down.

While they are no longer living tiny in France, they spent about a year (during all that quarantining!) living in their gîte. David shares all the details in a little story after the photo tour, so be sure to read that!

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Wait Until You See This Before & After Garage Transformation!

Lockdown Living in Gite Over Garage in France 11

Images via David

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Mary and her husband reached out to show off their amazing 371 square foot garage-turned-tiny-house. The couple wanted a vacation spot on the pricey Coronado Island in California, so they bought the “big home” and then spent $25,000 renovating the adjacent garage into their holiday home.

The result is a sleek and modern one-floor apartment just minutes away from bars, beaches and beauty! While Mary did this so as a vacation property, it’s not a bad idea for your full-time residence depending on permitting rules. You could easily cover a mortgage payment by renting out the main house, and enjoy a tiny “rent-free” life in the garage! What do you think?

Enjoy the photo tour below. Thanks for sharing, Mary!

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Sleek & Modern 371 Sq. Ft. Garage Conversion

371 sq ft Garage Turned Tiny Home on Coronado Island, Ca 2

Images via Mary

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Diana and her husband had a dilapidated cinder block garage in their Oakland, California backyard, but instead of seeing it as an eyesore, they saw it as an opportunity! They turned the space into a lovely guest house called the Rockridge Casita for both family & friends and to rent out on Airbnb. In just four years the tiny house has paid for itself, meaning anything else they get from now on is profit that goes to support the couple and their two kids.

Inside there’s a lovely studio-style space with a queen bed and kitchenette, as well as an ensuite bathroom complete with a large walk-in shower and flush toilet.

When their kids are older, they plan to use the guest house as a homework/hangout space for them, but who knows what the future will bring. Huge thanks to Allison at Tiny Home Tours for the great video tour of this spot you can watch below.

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Oakland DIY Guest House from Cinderblock Garage

From Garage to Guest House: Rockridge Casita 2

Images via Airbnb/Diana

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What was once a 350 sq. ft. garage is now the “Family Cave”. Located in Memphis, Tennessee this garage was converted by Dwayne A. Jones Construction in October 2017. It now serves as a great hang out spot for the whole family. Imagine having family movie night or game night here! Of course, it also makes for a great little home! Either way, enjoy the tour below!

© Dwayne A. Jones Construction

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This is Kendal and Nathan’s Tiny House in a converted two-car garage.

The space is great, and even though Kendal doesn’t say so, it’s quite larger than many THOWs we see here on Tiny House Talk.  I wanted to share it to inspire folks who might have unused or under-used space in their garages that could make great tiny apartments! The main living area includes space for a full kitchen and living room, as well as a desk and dining table. There’s a bathroom downstairs and then steps lead up to the loft where they have their bed and storage.

The ceilings are low in the second story, but besides that I think this is a great, livable little home! Could you live here?

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Kendal and Nathan’s Converted Garage Tiny House

Screenshots via YouTube/Life with Kendal

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This is a 12′ by 24′ garage that was converted into a 250 sq. ft. tiny house that’s now for sale because it was done illegally without permits.

So this serves as a warning: don’t build on a foundation without permits because if you get caught, you’ll probably have to tear down all of your hard work.

In this case, the homeowner seems to have rented the tiny house out to vacationers for a couple of years until someone notified the authorities about it and now he either has to tear it down or turn it back into a workshop/garage to meet code. Instead, he’s trying to sell it. The asking price is $20,000 but you have to remove it from the foundation since it’s not built on a trailer. According to the listing on Craigslist, you can hire a house raising service to help with this. It’s located in Vancouver. Please enjoy the tour, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Garage Converted into 250 Sq. Ft. Tiny House (Now For Sale)

Garage Converted into 250 Sq. Ft. Tiny House (Now For Sale)

Images © Ches Lam

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This is the Summerfield Tiny Cottage by Cali Cottages in Santa Ana, California.

From the outside, it looks like a garage converted into a tiny home, doesn’t it?

When you go inside, you’ll find an open living area, kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft.

This model is available in three different sizes and price points:

  • 8.5′ x 20′ (170 sq. ft.) for $31,995
  • 8.5′ x 24′ (204 sq. ft.) for $35,995
  • 8.5′ x 30′ (255 sq. ft.) for $41,995

It seems wider than 8.5′, doesn’t it? Either way please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Summerfield Tiny Cottage by Cali Cottages

Summerfield Cottage 001

Images © CaliCottages.com

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