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Ever thought about turning a 1-car garage into a tiny house or micro apartment as a way to live simply and affordably?

If you have, you’re not alone! And it’s definitely one way to build and live tiny. You must of course check with your local codes and zoning first, right?

But lucky for us, Travis is sharing the garage to tiny home conversion that he’s living in right now.

It’s pretty awesome too because the garage door still opens! Please go inside and enjoy the entire tour and then re-share it below. Thanks!

Garage Converted into Awesome Tiny House

Garage to Awesome Tiny House conversion

Images © TravisTutorial

Just wait until you see inside…

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This is an amazing modern studio loft home that used to be an old storage garage.

You can see the before photo of the outside in the image below. But wait until you see what was done with this place after.

More information is shared on this project over at this Reddit page by user Psychemagic.

You can also see even more photos here. Please enjoy and re-share this amazing before & after garage to modern tiny home renovation below. Thank you!

Storage Garage Converted into Loft Tiny Home

Storage Garage Converted Into Modern Loft Studio Home

Images © psychemagic/imgur

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For Alex Kennedy, this tiny studio in her mother’s backyard garage is perfect for her needs. Plus she is able to have her own home without paying expensive property taxes somewhere else in Melbourne, Australia. Converting this old two-car garage in her childhood home back yard makes this space even more special. And how much better can it get living next to the family?

With the help of designer Sarah Trotter of HEARTH Studio, she was able to turn this garage into what you see below a functional yet cozy cottage for herself to call home. Large glass French doors open up to the garden giving Alex a beautiful view all the time. Almost all materials that went into redesigning and converting this garage into a livable tiny home were salvaged materials.

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Woman Converts Backyard Garage into Studio


Images © Lauren Bamford

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This garage converted studio is a great example of how to live simply in a regular place. The owners of the home took the extra unused space and used it as a mother-in-law suite, as most would call it here in the United States.

You have your own side door entrance along with the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. The first thing you’ll notice is how beautifully decorated the tiny porch is, along with the rest of the home. Would you consider converting the extra space in your house into a separate studio to rent out or even live in yourself while renting out the larger part of your home? Do you think this is a more viable solution for you than a tiny house on a trailer?

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Garage Turned Into Tiny One-Bedroom Apartment

From garage to simple studio

Welcome, come on in! Let’s have a better look at the tiny porch.

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Every week I’ll be putting together a round up of the past 7 days so that you can see what you missed on Tiny House Talk during plus important and related links from around the web.

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Plus this old beat up shed that I found during my weekend travels. Next to it is a completely torn down structure (which might have been a small house) with barely the foundation left in tact.

Could've been a tiny house once
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Watch how this garage was turned into an ultra luxurious modern small house by French architect firm Fabre de Marien.

The garage is in Bordeaux, France. Since it’s a double car garage it adds up to 441 square feet of space. I think you’ll be amazed with the results.

You’ll notice the use of glass doors helps the space look and feel much larger than it is. And I just love the wood flooring and exterior on the front, don’t you?

You can’t tell when you see the picture from the front but the roof actually slants upwards as you go back which you can actually see in the interior pictures. There’s even a sleeping loft up top.

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Garage Conversion to Modern Small House
“Before” shot

Garage Conversion to Modern Small House

The floor to ceiling windows in the front make up for the lack of natural lighting throughout the rest of the structure. Besides the ceiling window in the sleeping loft (you’ll see later).

Garage Conversion to Modern Small House Garage Conversion to Modern Small House

More features of the home include…

  • Built in patio
  • Shower
  • Washing machine
  • Dressing room
  • Sofa bed
  • Office area
  • Storage space
  • Staircase to sleeping loft
  • Kitchen
Garage Conversion to Modern Small House

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This garage was converted into a minimalist studio by Seattle-based SHED Architecture & Design. Right away you will notice the simple kitchen, built in bookshelves, and a perfectly nestled loft bed.

Plus a corner desk, living space with coffee table, and plenty of natural lighting because of all the windows.

One unique feature is the closet tucked into what seems to be the ladder to get up into the sleeping loft. This place has a wonderful homey feel to it and packs everything you need with elegance and all within 320 square feet.

It also looks like the bathroom is there almost as open space (near the desk area) which is the side you would use to climb up into the bed loft.

320 sf garage conversion whole interior

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