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One Car Garage Turned into Awesome Tiny House

Ever thought about turning a 1-car garage into a tiny house or micro apartment as a way to live simply and affordably?

If you have, you’re not alone! And it’s definitely one way to build and live tiny. You must of course check with your local codes and zoning first, right?

But lucky for us, Travis is sharing the garage to tiny home conversion that he’s living in right now.

It’s pretty awesome too because the garage door still opens! Please go inside and enjoy the entire tour and then re-share it below. Thanks!

Garage Converted into Awesome Tiny House

Garage to Awesome Tiny House conversion

Images © TravisTutorial

Just wait until you see inside…

Garage Tiny House with Sleeping Loft

Right now Travis is using the garage door rail system to hang his clothes so that open space doubles as his closet space.

Makeshift Closet

In addition, there’s some built in storage in the walls too where he keeps his books and various other goodies.

Built in Bookshelves

And yes… There’s more built-in storage (shelves) on the walls.

More Built in Storage

Towards the bathroom Travis even has his own washer/dryer.

Big Window and Washer Dryer

Here’s a quick look at the kitchen (you can see everything better in the video down below).


And finally here’s the bathroom. As you can see, this garage tiny house has everything you need, doesn’t it?


Images © TravisTutorial

Video: Tiny House Built Within a Garage

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  • Avatar Karen R

    Nice job. Some baskets or bins would help in organizing clothes.

  • Avatar Dean

    I’ve always wanted to take a 4 or 5 garage and turn it into a tiny home with a connected 2 car garage.
    Nice work!

    • Avatar dea

      Dean, I’m curious as to how large your house is if a 4-5 car garage is a tiny house to you(I’m stunned here)wow, look at the bird! …interesting perspective you have brought us…

      • Avatar Magoo

        The captions say ONE car garage. Why are you mouthing?

    • Avatar Dean


      You’ve misread my post.
      I’m not defining a “tiny home” as a 4-5 car garage, or even a purpose built home of the same dimension.
      The idea would be to take 2-3 spaces out of the 4-5 available, wall them off from the remaining two and use that to create a living space from. IIRC, a single parking space is roughly 11×22. Two spaces, combined would be 22×22 and three would be 33×22. 484 & 726 sq.ft., respectively. But I ask you, What dimensions constitute a “tiny house”? If you think about it, even 726 sq.ft. is a pretty small space. My old 1 bedroom apartment was about 760 sq.ft. and was very comfortable for just me. I would entertain another person to occupy that space with me (but only if I could call her my girlfriend!). After that, it would get a little crowded.
      Even then, I spent the 10 years I lived in that apartment wishin the living room area was just a little larger. I would’ve liked to have added an arm chair to my couch and coffee table.
      However, my point is, there is no set dimensional spec that constitutes a “tiny home”, only how we as individuals interpret the term. One thing I’ve always liked about the whole tiny home concept was how free the thinking was behind it. Its not even defined by any kind of spec, only the idea that true freedom is found via the path of simplicity and efficiency.

      • Avatar Kristie

        🙂 Well said!

      • Avatar Tom

        If you ever get the opportunity to renovate one of those, please be extremely careful about exhaust gases, which I believe are heavier than air (and, of course, quite deadly). As I remember it, building codes have pretty strict requirements regarding attached garages and your project would seem to be a step beyond that. You’re probably already thinking about those issues, so please receive these words as encouragement – it sounds like a creative way to get an inexpensive home.

        • Avatar Dean

          Thanks for the words of both encouragement and warning, Tom.
          Much appreciated.
          I’m seeing the end result like a house with an attached garage. Granted, this would be a little more modular than that, but you get the idea.
          Thanks for lending a hand! =)

  • Avatar alice h

    Having that rooftop space really makes this work. I’d go a bit bonkers with just one window in the main area though. Otherwise, looks like a great little home.

  • Avatar JAVA06

    I love how it looks in the still at the video. I didn’t listen to the video. I was stunned at the clutter that still screams it’s a garage with the motorcycle, tools, and other garage products. I realize you need to put the bike somewhere but that is a fire hazard. Good luck with clearing up all the clutter. It’s a keeper 🙂

  • Avatar Peter Piper

    Very nice! With a row of windows in the garage door, it would be much lighter inside.

    • Avatar Dominick Bundy

      Good idea, I agree..

  • Avatar Brenda

    LOVE this space!!!

  • Avatar Patty

    This is really very well done. I like the woodwork and the washer/dryer is great! The patio and upper area makes it very nice.

  • Avatar Susanne

    Nicely done! I agree-patio and rooftop space add to his living area when he feels boxed in and needs to see some nature and have fresh air since it is not a two car garage…

  • Avatar Al

    pretty cool :3

  • Avatar kuh koh

    I Looooove it

  • Avatar Patrick Engleman

    Interesting…I am thinking of building two tiny houses in my backyard (years from now) but I am unsure of the regulations in Oklahoma. I have a huge backyard and I could use the extra space. Wouldn’t they just be considered a shed? Anyway if that doesn’t pan out I am definitely doing this. I’ll extend the garage via a carport that will also act as a balcony for that area/house.

  • Avatar Gracie

    That transformation is definitely impressive.

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Love it, very well thought out. and well hidden in plain sight. Who would know there could be a fully comfortable dwelling in a back alley behind a garage door..A place that could be all yours that no one would know about.. how cozy would that be. all is lacking is a pet dog or cat.. Sign me up…

  • Avatar RJ Hickey

    Running the risk of raining on someone’s parade, I have to ask if this was built with a permit?

  • Avatar Rich

    Since this is a rental and they have left the grage door operational I will assume that this was done “under the radar” but well done and adequate. Mums the word!

  • Avatar Susanne

    Permits, zoning, codes., etc in this case who cares about that?! Don’t rent it out to a stranger , and keep it under the radar.

    • Avatar Rich

      Exactly. That seems to be a huge issue with all of these tiny houses. Or maybe it is just a small issue since they are so small. Either way when the neighbors complain and the code enforcement shows up there will be some un-building to do. Or better yet went the renter falls out of the illegal unpermitted loft area and your liability insurance doesn’t apply because the entire structure is illegal and not to code that’s going to be a hoot for sure.

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