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Here’s an awesome vacation property in Colorado Springs, just minutes from the “Garden of the Gods” and downtown. Dubbed the “Chicken Coop” because there used to be a coop on the property, this fully-renovated cabin looks nothing like a home for poultry!

Grand vaulted ceilings with skylights make the small space feel especially open. The bed is the main feature of the space, but a built-in corner dinette and a mini kitchen line the sidewall. There’s also a three-quarter bathroom with a tiled shower.

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Luxury Studio-Style Tiny Cabin in Colorado Springs

The “Chicken Coop” Studio-Style Cabin

Images via Airbnb/Whitney

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Steve and his wife moved to a 600 foot cabin on 5.5 acres after living in an even smaller space in town. There was an existing 8×12 tool shed on the property, and his adult daughter claimed the space as her own for when she visits. It was then that he got the idea to finish the space out for guests.

The result is the “Sunflower House,” a simple but awesome build that cost under $2,600! The shed was already wired for electricity, but because it’s not plumbed they have a jug system for water to the kitchen sink, and a dry flush toilet. A futon bed provides comfortable seating.

Enjoy the photo and video tour below, and read all about what Steve has to say about the build out at the end of the post!

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Steve’s $2.6K Backyard Guest Cottage

8×12 Shed Guestroom in Cabin Backyard 7

Images via Poplar Ridge

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Look at this backyard office space by Wind River Tiny Homes, a tiny house builder out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Have you ever considered using a tiny house kind of like this as a makeshift office space? Then, if things ever changed, you could easily convert it back into a tiny house for your own use or as a rental. Or, it can even be re-sold to somebody else. What do you think?

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A Tiny House Used As A Backyard Office


Images via Wind River Tiny Homes/Instagram Credit: Forsey Films

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Meet Karin: After retiring she wanted to be closer to her son and grandkids. A tiny house ended up being the best option, since they couldn’t find a property with a granny pad already built.

She found her home from a builder who had changed his mind about tiny house living. It has a nice living room, a bathroom, and a full kitchen. Her bedroom is in the loft up a storage staircase.

Read the Q&A we did with Karin below to learn more about some of the obstacles she had to overcome (and is overcoming) on her journey to live tiny.

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She Lives Behind Her Son in a THOW

Karins Granny Pad THOW in Sons CA Backyard 3

Images via Karin

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This is the story about OBY House, a new organization that wants to lease a space in your backyard (for 99-years) and pay you $500 a month so that they can build a tiny house and rent it out to a qualified tenant long-term. Their mission is to create more affordable housing.

OBY will pay you up to $500/month if you let us build and rent out an affordable, sustainable, OBY House in your backyard.

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OBY House, Paying Homeowners To Build 576-sq.-ft. Tiny Homes in their Backyard, With 99 Year Lease Agreement!



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When this couple moved to Boise, Idaho, they wanted space in their yard for an accessory dwelling unit they could use as a guest house and rental unit. They contracted with Tiny Idahomes who built them this lovely THOW they now rent out on Airbnb.

The THOW has it’s own private fenced-in yard and patio area, which makes it a private stay. Inside you’ll find a queen-sized loft bedroom, as well as a sofa bed downstairs if you aren’t up for stair-climbing. There’s a full kitchen to make it easy to prepare meals, and a bathroom with a spacious shower and Separett composting toilet.

Tiny Home Tours did a great video tour of the space which you can watch below! Enjoy!

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Tiny Idahomes Builds Backyard Airbnb THOW

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