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This is a sustainable small house with solar-power and rainwater-collection near Melbourne, Australia that you can rent on Airbnb.

It’s a sustainable off-grid home on a secluded 20 acres with rainwater collection, solar panels, batteries, a Rota-Loo composting toilet system, and eleven cows on the property. How would you like to live in a setting like this?

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Sustainable Off-Grid Small House with Solar and Rainwater System in Victoria, Australia

Small House with Solar-Power and Rainwater-Collection

Photos via Robert/Airbnb

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This is a family of three’s 28ft off-grid tiny house on wheels with a 12ft loft-to-loft catwalk built for them by Bantam Built Homes.

It features a large living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and two lofts connected by the 12ft catwalk with a safety rail. Very cool!

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Family’s Double Loft Tiny House on Wheels with Loft-to-Loft Catwalk

28ft Tiny House with 12ft Loft-to-Loft Catwalk by Titan Tiny Homes

Images © Bantam Built Homes

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This is Michael and Michelle’s Down to Earth Getaway, an Off-Grid Tiny House in Hawaii!

The couple currently lives in their sustainable tiny that runs off solar power, a rainwater catchment system, a composting toilet and goats, but they are also branching out and renting their off-grid space for vacations. Cool!

My husband Michael and I are living in a 240 sq ft tiny house on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. We are college students finishing up our senior year of college. My husband built the tiny house just before we got married last summer. We would love to tell our story though your website and talk about our up and coming tiny house business on the Big Island of Hawaii. We’ve been living in the house for just over 6 months now. We have learned a lot from trial and error but feel that we have a lot to share. Oh also we live with a heard of about 20 goats. Seriously, we have a lot to share.

Scroll below for pictures, videos and our interview with the couple.

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Down To Earth Getaway: Off-Grid Tiny House in Hawaii

Images via Down To Earth Getaway

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I think there’s a general consensus on Tiny House Talk that Abel Zimmerman Zyl, of Zyl Vardos, is a master tiny house craftsman. Therefore, we should all be excited for his newest build, Belinda’s Little Bird!

The home features stunning french doors, no loft, tons of storage and a beautiful tiny Hobbit wood-burning stove. He finished it just recently, thus it’s snow-covered exterior! Abel said the house is now on a farm in Pennsylvania. Perfect!

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Newest Zyl Vardos Build: Belinda’s Little Bird

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This off grid tiny cabins retirement story is a guest post by Michael Scheer – share your tiny house story here too!

My name is Michael and about 5 years ago I wanted an off-grid place for vacation and retirement. Like many others, I am tired of bills, bills, bills and knew I would never have enough money to retire on unless I became debt-free and my home was paid off.

A couple of years passed and as things happened I had a friend who went through a divorce (I recently moved out of my ex-girlfriends home 8 months prior) and he needed help monetarily in order to buy a home and asked me to move in. The move cut my rent in half and enabled me along with my bonus check to purchase some land I found in northern AZ at about 6500 ft elevation. Summers are mild with highs in the low 90’s high 80’s and winters are in the 40’s and 50’s with light snow. I picked up 6 acres for less than $4k.

He Built Two Off Grid Tiny Cabins for his Retirement

Man builds two off grid tiny cabins

Images © Michael Scheer

Months later I decided to put in my first cabin, I bought a 10×18 from weatherking (apx. $4200.00), it was just a shell.

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If you’re thinking about getting a composting toilet for your tiny house (or any size house, really) then read this first.

You can always check out the top 5 composting toilets we recommend for tiny houses. But sometimes nothing beats doing it yourself. It’s cheaper, it’s more rewarding, and you’ll appreciate it more because you built it! And yes, you can still keep the smell away. All it takes is sawdust.

It’s a relatively simple project and won’t cost you more than $60 in materials to complete. You might even be able to find scrap materials and build your own composting toilet for free. That sounds better than spending up to $1,750 on composting toilets like the ones I showed you here, right?

There’s nothing wrong with any of the composting toilets on the market. In fact, the ones I mentioned here are pretty awesome. It’s just that not everybody has that kind of money to spend. So why not consider a simple solution like this if you and your family are open to it? Especially if you’re into carpentry already, right? Or if you’re looking to get started, this might be a great first project. So just for inspiration, I wanted to share one of our readers, Nicole’s, DIY Humanure Composting Toilet Project. And I’ve provided resources on how to build your own at the bottom of this post in case you’re inspired to build one too. Enjoy!

Woman’s DIY Humanure Composting Toilet Project

Nicole's DIY Composting Toilet Project

Images © Nicole Martin

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Several years ago John Wells bought 40 acres in this West Texas area called Brewster County for $8,000 after selling his mortgaged home in upstate New York. Then he built his own debt-free tiny home within 9 days for only $1600.

As time has gone on he has created his own solar shower, composting toilet, bicycle-powered washing machine, greenhouse, and more. The property now even has an Airstream trailer guest house, office space and additional housing made out of shipping containers, a solar oven, chicken coop, and a water collection system. His tiny house also features a swamp cooler (also known as an evaporative cooler) which he made himself to cool his cabin for next to nothing. John has the ability to store up to 21,000 gallons of water on his property.

“The main reason I came to this area is because there are no building restrictions whatsoever and that’s really hard to find in this country,” says Wells. “I came out here to get away from debt.” John went from a 2800 sq. ft. house with loads of debt to a 128 sq. ft. tiny house with zero debt and lots of self-sufficiency.

Man Builds 128 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home for $1.6k on Land w/ No Codes


Images © Faircompanies

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Straight out of a storybook this sweet little whimsical cottage is a dream come true for Sue Corl and her husband Ron.

The cottages’ design, look and feel was based on Sue’s childhood dream of having a tiny cottage just like Rudolph, Hermey & Yukon Cornelius (from the Classic cartoon Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer).

Thus the name of their tiny home, “The Rudolph Cottage“.

Ron and Sue have been living tiny for over 28 years. After living in a 200 sq. ft. travel trailer for seven years with their two cats and a large dog they decided it was time to up-size (or should I say ‘right-size’?).

So they bought 30 acres of beautiful lush woodland amongst the largest Amish community in central Ohio.

Then they spent over 2 years gathering the perfect materials to create this whimsical fantasy tiny house Sue always dreamed of.

Let’s check it out while I tell you the rest of their very inspiring simple living story…

Couple Build Their Own 520 Sq. Ft. Cottage to Upsize from 200 Sq. Ft. Trailer

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You knew I’d end up here eventually. I am finally going to share some information about our tiny house bathroom.

Just like every other aspect of tiny spaces, bathroom layouts can vary wildly.

I wanted to share some of the decisions we made about our teeny bathroom so you might get an idea of what we’ve done.

Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

I encourage you to see and learn how we designed and built the bathroom in our off grid tiny house:

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