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Ariel has been living off-grid in her 170-sq.-ft. tiny house for over six years. She grows and preserves much of her own food right on the land, which is over 6000 feet above sea level.

She generates her own solar power, carries her own water, cuts her own firewood, observes wildlife, and works part-time on the ranch in exchange for her tiny house parking spot on the land.

Ever wonder what it would be like living tiny and off-the-grid? Take a dive into her life below to learn more thanks to Ariel (Fy Nyth) and Mat & Danielle of Exploring Alternatives. Would you ever consider building a lifestyle like this? Why or why not?

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Ariel’s Off-Grid Tiny House Lifestyle

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Here’s a tiny house with a whole 30 acres of land, located about a half-hour from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The 400-square-foot home is completely off-grid, with solar power, a water tank, and a wood-burning stove to keep the home warm!

The barn-style house has an open floor plan with a loft bedroom, kitchen area, and living space. There’s also a bathroom. What do you think?

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Live Off-Grid on 30 Acres Outside of Santa Fe!

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This is an off-grid, travel-ready THOW with an awesome history. It was self-built by a couple (@bigtrucklittlehouse) who took it across the country and back again, living in it full-time for two years, and for one year with their infant son. They’ve now put down roots as they build their family, and it’s your chance to call this rig home!

The home features tons of storage, a full kitchen, comfortable seating and a really need bedroom set-up! They split the back of the THOW in two, with mom and dad’s bed “upstairs” and the baby’s bedroom beneath. There’s also a wet bath cubby with a composting toilet.

With 176 square feet, the house is compact enough to make it easy to tow, but large enough to fit a couple or little family. They are asking $49,000K, and you can contact the seller at Tiny House Marketplace.

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Family’s 22 Ft THOW For Sale in Maine: $49K

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The winners of Simple Solar Homesteading’s “2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move” Contest are Jay Craig and Kenny Foust!

They each won a 100 watt solar panel for their creative designs. Jay built his THOW on a 17′ Uhaul and added some cool bump outs to maximize the space. Kenny, on the other hand, built his on a 1976 Dodge dualie.

You can check out more awesome tiny house designs and plans sold by LaMar at Simple Solar Homesteading.

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Congrats to Jay & Kenny For Wining 100 Watt Solar Panels!

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There’s a time for a luxury vacation, and then there’s a time for an off-grid adventure that gets you closer to nature. This rustic A-frame in Colorado is the perfect place for a couple or a handful of friends to get together and enjoy stunning views, tons of nature experiences, and a cozy wood-burning stove.

Inside the tiny aframe you’ll find a couch, and a bunk bed with a twin and full bed. Up the stairs is a loft bedroom with another pull-out bed for two. There’s also a kitchenette, outhouse, and shared shower house. Solar power will keep your phones charged and the lights on, but they provide lanterns and a flashlight just in case.

You can book your vacation at Airbnb.

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Enjoy An Off-Grid Vacation at This Moose Haven Cabin

Off Grid Moose Haven Cabin in Colorado 4

Images via Airbnb

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This adorable skoolie conversion is home to Kai, Julie and their cat Lilu. They’re parked in Germany now (Kai’s home base) but typically travel throughout Europe.

Kai (@wetravelbybus on Instagram) is a freelance filmmaker and photographer and jumped on the bus life bandwagon to escape a life where he was working for things that he didn’t need and didn’t truly make him happy. Minimalism has served him well, and he’s been living in his bus for just about 2 years now with no regrets.

We got to do a Q&A with Kai which you can read at the end of the post. Enjoy the photo tour!

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Living Off Grid in Germany in a Skoolie Conversion

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